Confucius Institute in Armenia Launches Its 4th HSK Test

[Source]    Armenia Launches [Time]    2011-11-01 12:00:14 

Yerevan, September 22nd – The Confucius Institute in Armenia launched its 4th HSK test this year. Examinees from 4 countries took the test (levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6). The examinees consisted of students, teachers and employees. They expressed their interest in Chinese proficiency tests and confirmed the positive role of the tests in supporting their Chinese learning.

An Armenian TV reporter who has learned Chinese language at the Confucius Institute for 2 years took the HSK level-1 in the first half of this year, and the HSK level-2 in the second half of the year. She said that the test has helped her gain a clear understanding of her progress in Chinese learning.

A junior called Robert from the university where the Confucius Institute is located said that his father teaches English in a Chinese university and he started to learn Chinese language at the Institute. This time he took the HSK level-1. He expressed his hope to pass the higher levels of the test through his continuous efforts, and to study and work in China in the future.

Muni, a Korean language teacher from the university where the Confucius Institute is located has engaged in Chinese learning since the Confucius Institute was established, and he took the HSK level-3 this time.

A student came from Georgia to take the test. He said that he once took a Chinese test in China when he was 8 years old, and that he took the HSK test this time because he want to study in China. His father accompanied him to Armenia to take the test, and was warmly welcomed by the Institute’s directors and teachers. They had a animated chat with one another.

Chinese teachers who have settled in Armenia also took the test level-6 and were overwhelmed with all sorts of different emotions.

In particular, the Institute’s Armenian Director Naira Lerniki Grigoryan also took the HSK level-1, so as to have a personal experience of the Chinese test taking process.

The Institute’s staff members joined hands to prepare for the test as early as one month ago. On the test day, the Institute’s Chinese director and teachers made great efforts to ensure the smooth running of the test. Due to the wide range of test levels and large number of examinees, they worked from 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. with only a half-hour break between every session. They showed a good sense of responsibility, strictly checking all the test papers and carefully destroyed blank test papers and CDs. They all believed that examinees would perform well on Chinese proficiency tests.

The Confucius Institute’s Armenian Director Naira Lerniki Grigoryan participating in the HSK level-1

Text and photo by Li Mei, Confucius Institute in Armenia