Chinese Volunteer Teachers in the USA Assist at Charity Auction to Great Effect

[Source]    Volunteer Center [Time]    2011-10-19 14:45:45 

Raleigh, October 15th, 2011—The dinner party for a charity auction co-hosted by St. Mary's School and related local organizations in the USA took place in Jackson Country Club in the evening. Four volunteer teachers Zhang Xiaojing, Gao Jun, Xu Jin and Zheng Lufei sent by Hanban to St. Mary's School attended the dinner party of the auction that day accompanying the Principal of St. Mary's School and other colleagues.

‘Light the Winter Fire’ was the theme of the charity auction dinner party and it was aimed at helping the vulnerable and needy. There were a total of 15 auction items and the lot provided by St. Mary's School was a table of Chinese cuisine as prepared by the four Chinese volunteer teachers. Before the auction began, the Principal of St. Mary's School Frank Phillips gave a red carpet introduction to the four volunteers from Zhengzhou University who were wearing national costumes. Their elegant oriental manner and strongly Chinese charms moved the guests. Volunteer Zhang Xiaojing was invited to sing a Chinese song, winning widespread applause. The auction item provided by St. Mary's School fetched 2,600 dollars, making it the item fetching the highest bid of the entire auction.

Volunteer Chinese language teachers not only displayed the unique charm of Chinese culture but also the noble morality of team spirit, consideration for others, love for humanity and dedication via the activity.