Confucius Institute Headquarters Launches 2011 Training Program on Teaching Materials for Overseas Chinese Language Teachers

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2011-10-12 10:58:51 

The trainees participating actively during the lecture by Dr. Janice Dowd.

Beijing, September 26th to 28th, 2011 - So as to better support training programs carried out by the Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) in countries with lesser known languages as well as training sessions on teaching materials for overseas Chinese language teachers, the 2011 Training Program on Teaching Materials for Overseas Chinese Language Teachers was launched at the International Convention Center of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. The training session was sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, undertaken by the Multi-language Base of the International Promotion of Chinese at Beijing Foreign Studies University and co-sponsored by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. A total of 121 trainees participated in the training. They came from 67 Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) scattered over 24 countries as well as 11 Chinese universities where the international promotion bases of Chinese language are located, including Peking University and Beijing Normal University. Staff members from the Headquarters’ Division of Teaching Materials presented the trainees with an introduction to the development of international Chinese teaching materials and put forward some specific requirements regarding the training session.

Dr. Janice Dowd, a Superintendent in charge of foreign language education of New Jersey public schools, delivered a lecture entitled “Present Status and Future Development of Foreign Language Teaching in the US”. Dr. Tao presented the lecture in an interactive way, which not only exposed the trainees to some foreign language teaching concepts, but also got them involved in some novel teaching activities. The lecture was well received by the trainees. Prof. Song Jihua from the College of Information Science and Technology at Beijing Normal University delivered a lecture entitled “Overview on Digital Resources for International Chinese Teaching” to introduce new digital learning methods, which feature the integration of technology, content and human resources. Prof. Ding Anqi, Deputy Director of the Multi-language Base of the International Promotion of Chinese at Beijing Foreign Studies University provided the trainees with a variety of training program templates and multimedia templates, which will help the trainees lay a solid foundation for organizing training sessions of this kind in the future.

During the training, textbook editors introduced the compiling principles, teaching resources and training methods, focusing on key teaching materials developed by the Headquarters, such as “Chinese Paradise”, “Happy Chinese”, “Learn Chinese with Me”, “Contemporary Chinese”, “New Practical Chinese Reader” and “Great Wall Chinese”. They also had interactive sessions with the trainees, so as to help them gain a comprehensive grasp of the training methods and developing training schemes. The trainees also designed related training schemes according to their training objectives. An achievement show was held during the closing ceremony. The trainees presented a colorful display of their training schemes which highlight interactive sessions and practically-oriented content. They said that they could further improve their own schemes through learning from the excellent schemes of others.

The trainees showed great interest in the training session. “The well organized training session was a great success. In just 3 days, our vision was greatly broadened and we became more confident in promoting excellent Chinese teaching materials. We came from all corners of the world. We can compare the teaching materials to seeds and we will ‘sow’ them everywhere, nourish them as they take root, blossom and bear fruit. Finally, we can witness a dissemination of the Chinese teaching materials all over the five continents,” said Qi Yaobin, Principal of the Huaguang Language and Culture Elementary School (Brazil) at the closing ceremony.

The training session highlighted the diverse combination of teachers, teaching materials and methods. Through discussions regarding excellent teaching materials and advanced teaching methods, the trainees learned more about the use of the teaching materials at home and abroad. The training session helped improve the trainees’ skills for using the teaching materials. It was also helpful in cultivating new people to work as textbook trainers and promoters for the Confucius Institute. The session will also help to further promote the development of international Chinese education.