London Confucius Institute for TCM effectively promoted YCT to schools

[Source]    Confucius Institute for TCM (CITCM) [Time]    2011-10-11 11:36:34 

The Confucius Institute for TCM (CITCM) at London South Bank University set up its YCT (Youth Chinese Test) and HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency Test) centre in May 2011.

When schools started in September, teachers from CITCM designed lefts and flyers and promoted the YCT widely and actively to schools and Confucius Classrooms. Teachers also went to schools to deliver presentation to introduce YCT, including the nature, content, benefits and format of the test. In Goodrich Community School, one of CITCM’s Confucius classrooms, students were highly motivated and elated when they heard they will have the opportunity to join Hanban’s 2012 Summer Program if they are among the top ten students. According to the program, they will spend two weeks in China, one week in Beijing and one week in Harbin, to learn Chinese language and experience the splendid Chinese culture.

So far, CITCM has signed up nearly 300 students from Goodrich Community School and St Joseph College to take part in this year’s YCT in November.

YCT promotion at CITCM’s Confucius Classroom--Goodrich Community School

Students from Goodrich Community School are listening attentively to the introduction of YCT

YCT Promotion Leaflets


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