Training for Native Chinese Teachers was held at Confucius Institute at Burapha University, Thailand

[Source]    Confucucius Institute at Burapha University [Time]    2011-08-15 15:41:04 

August 14th, the opening ceremony of “Training for Native Chinese Teachers” was held at Confucucius Institute at Burapha University, Thailand. Over 50 native Chinese teachers from 38 schools located in 8 provinces of Thailand registered in this training.

This training, “Chinese Vocabulary and Teaching” as theme, totally last for 3 days. Prof. Qi Yuantao from Beijing Normal University gave lectures on different topics about Chinese vocabulary and its cultures, character and vocabulary system, Chinese vocabulary research and teaching, etc. Meanwhile, Prof.Xu Zuosheng from Shanghai Maritime University gave a history lecture about Zheng He and the Relationship between Ancient China and Ancient Thailand, which attracted many Chinese teachers and history researchers’ interest in Chinese history and Sino-Thai friendship history. In addition, during the training, Confucucius Institute at Burapha University aslo held Chinese Teaching Materials Exhibition and Ms.Zheng Ting gave lectures about how to use Chinese teaching materials and resources.

Since the opening in September 2009, Confucucius Institute at Burapha University always put emphasis on Chinese language teaching and Chinese teachers training, having organized a series of activites for Chinese language research and native teachers’ training. By now Confucucius Institute at Burapha University has become a leader for Chinese language teaching, Chinese culture introduction and Chinese teacher training in east Thailand.