"Huawei Chinese Culture Summer Camp" Successfully Held in Turkey

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University [Time]    2011-07-14 09:33:34 

Ankara, June 26th-July 2nd—In order to meet Turkish children’s desire to learn the Chinese language and learn about Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University launched the "Huawei Chinese Culture Summer Camp" in cooperation with the Huawei Company in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

To ensure the smooth progress of the event, organizers picked out 25 Turkish children who were very interested in Chinese culture from a large number of applicants from local primary and secondary schools, and selected 10 overseas Chinese students from the Middle East Technical University and Turkish students from the Chinese Language Department from Ankara University as volunteers through interviews. Furthermore, Mr. Zhang Ligong, the head coach of Turkey National Martial Art Team, was invited to serve as wushu instructor for the camp.

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The summer camp lasted only 7 days, but the campers had a lively schedule in that short period of time, including learning the Chinese language, calligraphy and handicraft, watching Chinese movies, enjoying Chinese food and experiencing the charm of Chinese wushu, Tai Chi, and Chinese folk dance.

The summer camp has exerted a great influence in Turkey. Well-known local media outlets, such as the Milliyet newspaper, Kanal D TV and ATV, reported on the event. Several Chinese media outlets such as CCTV and Xinhua News Agency also mentioned the camp in their news reports. Undoubtedly, the camp helped promote Chinese culture in Turkey and increased the Confucius Institute’s popularity among local citizens.

(Contributed by the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University)