Candidates for the 10th “Chinese Bridge” Competition Semi-Finals and Previous Winners Visit Hanban

[Source]    Division of New Initiatives and International Exchanges [Time]    2011-07-12 16:49:27 

Beijing, July 11th, 2011—A total of 118 candidates for the semi-finals of the 10th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students who stood out in 86 preliminary contests from 68 countries, together with previous winners, gathered in Beijing to visit Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, a place they had longed to visit.

Mr. Wang Yongli, Deputy Director of Hanban and Deputy Director General of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, presided over the welcoming ceremony. He first extended a warm welcome to the students from far away on behalf of Hanban and then conveyed Hanban Director Ms. Xu Lin’s greetings and congratulations to the students. He expressed his hope that the students would cheer each other on and overcome difficulties during their stay in China over the following month, enjoying themselves and making new friends.

After the ceremony, the students talked about their happy times participating in the contests and the changes the event has brought to their lives, while they were still in Hanban’s conference hall.

A student named Grant from the US delivered a speech on behalf of the contestants of the 10th session. He said that the annual contest has been recognized by more and more countries and areas as an influential event, and that he had figured out what he wanted to do as a career via his study of Chinese language. The “Chinese Bridge”, as a bridge of friendship, brings students from different countries together and provides them with a chance to learn from each other. Although they come from different cultural backgrounds and speak different languages, they live like a happy family.

Contestant representative Grant delivering a speech

Stewart Edward Johnson, the grand prize winner of the 9th session, also gave a speech. He said that language is a key to learning about a country’s culture, history, religion and way of thinking, and that Chinese language is a brilliant bridge for Chinese learners to broaden their horizons and deepen their insights. Finally, he wished everyone great success in the competition, and any future endeavours.

Grand prize winner Stewart Edward Johnson delivering a speech

Group photo of the contestants