Hanban Attends the World Book Fair in Singapore

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2011-06-10 09:54:58 

Singapore, May 27th-June 5th 2011—The 26th Singapore Book Fair, the largest one of its kind in Southeast Asia, took place in the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Hanban Representative Office in Southeast Asia attended the book fair, presenting a colorful display of teaching materials, including textbooks, Chinese cultural readings, audio-visual products and learning software. They took this chance to showcase some excellent Chinese teaching materials, to negotiate copyright issues with foreign publishers and to provide readers with a chance of communication with them. Mr. Chen Jiang, Cultural Counselor from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, and Ms. Grace Fu Hai Yien, Minister of Information, Communications and the Arts & Minister of the Environment and Water Resources came to visit Hanban’s booth. Both of them were very impressed by the presentation of the booth.

During the book fair, Hanban also carried out a promotional show to introduce its textbooks, such as “Learn Chinese with Me”, “KUAILE HANYU”, “Chinese Paradise” and “Five Millennia of Chinese Characters”, and held discussions focusing on problems that foreigners encounter during their Chinese learning.

During the exhibition, the Hanban booth received a large number of publishers and booksellers worldwide who have an interest in publishing Chinese teaching materials. The Hanban representatives also negotiated with them about employing textbooks recommended by Hanban. Currently, Hanban has signed several deals with dozens of schools about purchasing “Learn Chinese with Me”, “Chinese Paradise” and other textbooks.

During the fair, Hanban also hosted colorful cultural activities and one of the highlights was an activity promoting “Journey to the West” and “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, two of the Four Great Chinese Classical Novels. Another highlight was an award ceremony for the 2011 “Chinese Bridge” Competition in Singapore. By virtue of their Chinese proficiency and cultural talents, the contestants gave an excellent performance on the stage. The award ceremony helped further improve Singapore young people’s enthusiasm for learning Chinese language.

The Hanban booth

Ms. Lu Yan promoting the textbooks among visitors

Cultural Counselor Chen Jiang (right 4) visiting the Hanban booth

Ms. Grace Fu Hai Yien visiting the Hanban booth

Ms. Grace Fu Hai Yien posed for a picture in front of the Hanban booth

The Hanban booth attracted a large number of visitors

The award ceremony for the 2011 “Chinese Bridge” Competition in Singapore