The Confucius Institute of VSPU successfully conducted a series of experimental lessons of Chinese language at secondary schools

[Source]    Confucius Institute of VSPU [Time]    2011-06-03 10:55:42 

The Confucius Institute of VSPU came forward with an initiative of a series of experimental lessons, connected with China and the Chinese language. This event attracted a lot of attention of Volgograd residents. Most of all pupils liked the experimental lessons of Chinese language, the results of which were not long in coming.

On the 30th of March 2011 the Confucius Institute of VSPU launched the project «experimental lessons of Chinese at schools». The directors of the Confucius Institute and collaborates of the University television came to the Gymnasium №3, which is situated in the central district of Volgograd, and conducted the open lessons of Chinese.

The director of the Confucius Institute from Russia Elena V. Bakumova demonstrated the photographs of China, which show the natural beauty and the social pattern of the country. It helped pupils to have a look at the culture of the country. Moreover, the maps of China, which Hanban presented to the Institute, were demonstrated with the aim of deepening the pupils' geographical knowledge of China. Children were told about building Chinese cities, about the traditions of eating in China. Then the director of the Confucius Institute from China Wang Wenqian told about the origin of the Chinese hieroglyphs. Pupils matched the hieroglyphs with the pictures playing the games «Who am I?», «Find a friend» and etc. The hieroglyphs themselves and active involvement of the kids expanded the interest of the pupils to the Chinese written language. After that the Confucius Institute presented hieroglyphic cards to each pupil. Children started asking about the meaning of each hieroglyph. During this short language pupils learnt a few easy hieroglyphs, learnt how to greet and how to say in chorus «Welcome to the Confucius Institute»

pupils of Gymnasium № 3 during the lesson of Chinese

The University television recorded the lesson and interviewed the director of the school, and vice director for foreign languages. The director of the gymnasium thanked the directors of the Confucius Institute and expressed her hope of the future lessons of the Chinese language at the gymnasium. The lessons of Chinese, conducted by the Confucius Institute were universally approved and the Confucius Institute of VSPU conducted even more series of cultural and mass actions.

On the 6th of April 2011 the Confucius Institute invited some directors and teachers of Volgograd schools to participate in the seminar dedicated to teaching Chinese at schools. Vice rector of VSPU professor Alexander M. Korotkov also took part in the seminar and held a speech. He emphasized the fact that the Confucius Institute of VSPU was opened in cooperation with the Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Thanks to this amicable collaboration there appeared an excellent possibility to study and spread the knowledge about China and its culture. It provided the base for the implementation of the Chinese language studies at schools».

Vice rector of the VSPU professor Alexander M. Korotkov with the participants of the event

During the seminar the Directors of the Confucius Institute of VSPU have told the participants in details about the textbooks which are used in educational process, and also about how the lessons are conducted in the Confucius Institute. The teachers participated in the seminar enthusiastically and expressed their wishes on lessons conducting and on the Chinese language teaching on a larger scale. The atmosphere during the 2-hour seminar was a harmonious and friendly one. After this the Confucius Institute directors told the participants about the plans to start teaching the Chinese language at schools, and about the positive experience of collaboration.

On the 13th of April 2011 the Confucius Institute has conducted the Chinese language lessons at the primary school – day-care center #4. This school has always payid attention to the cultural education, each year the children familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of a new country — and this has already become the tradition in the primary school – day-care center #4. In 2011 the primary school – day-care center #4 introduced «The year of the Chinese culture», and this culture evoked huge interest among the pupils and teachers. The Chinese production is known all over the world but the cultural events are less popular and more interesting and that is why they attract more attention. The first graders in the national hand-made clothes showed the guests the «Dance with fans», which was also demonstrated during the Confucius Institute opening ceremony on the 27th April 2011.

On 18th May 2011 the Directors of the Confucius Institute of VSPU took part in the closing ceremony of «The Year of the Chinese Culture in Russia», which was held at the primary school – day-care center #4. The vice dean of the Department of Foreign Students Teaching of VSPU and some Chinese students also participated in this event.

Chinese students with kids.

During this official closing ceremony the Chinese students performed the traditional dances and songs, playing on the flute and other traditional instruments. The performances were appreciated by all: by teachers, by pupils, by parents. The pupils of the primary school – day-care center #4 also showed the well-prepared program. The closing ceremony were successfully carried out, all the performances won the prolonged and thunderous applause. The direct contact between the Russian and the Chinese pupils favored the increasing interest to the Chinese culture, the increasing wish to study the Chinese language. After the ceremony the primary school – day-care center #4 received a present from the Confucius Institute «New Chinese-Russian dictionary» and the brochures of the Confucius Institute.

The lessons of the Chinese language served as the beginning of the amicable relations between the primary school – day-care center #4 and the Confucius Institute of VSPU, the result of which is the signing of the agreement about the Chinese language classes which will open in September 2011.

Thanks to the Confucius Institute and the help of the Chinese Department of Foreign Languages Institute of VSPU there are already 10 schools in Volgograd and Volgograd region which support the teaching of the Chinese language at different levels.