Commence of Chunqiu Lectures in Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza

[Source]    Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza [Time]    2011-05-31 10:09:03 

With the increasing recruiting students of Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza, the number of teachers was correspondingly increased. In turns, “Chunqiu Lectures” were built up to cater for such demand--improving the teaching ability and cultivating more excellent teachers.

“Chunqiu Lectures” has two significances according to Professor Zhu, one refers to time: lectures were held every spring and autumn, spring in Chinese called “chun” while autumn in Chinese called “qiu”; on the second hand, 《Chunqiu》is one composition of Chinese ancient classic masterpieces《Wujing》, which accordingly gives a traditional taste of our lectures.

We use “3+x” model to carry out our lectures, 3 lectures by professional teachers to introduce teaching theory as well as their teaching experience, “x” means more times-educational communicative activities. We endevoured to promote such activities to became a celebrated program in Rome and all Italy region.

On 6 April, 2011 “Chunqiu”Lectures began. Two proficient professors Zhang Tongbing and Bai Hua brought lectures 《Pronunciations of Chinese》, to introduce the difficulties when italian students learning Chinese and provide the solutions to such difficulties. All teachers attending the lectures showed they were inspired so much and would employ these methods in their future teaching.

On 13 April, Professor Zhang Tongbing and Bai Hua gave a lecture covered 《Practical strategies in class》. Prof.Bai introduced various forms of implementing four skills “Listening, speaking, reading and writting” while Prof. Zhang talked about how to let the rhythm in class under the teachers’control and also gave a personal example to show how to begin a new class with interest and efficience. After leactures, all attending teachers carryed out a hot discussion on “how to teach Chinese”.

On 27 April, Cui Jiangxing, a vulunteer teacher and master student of Beijing Foreign Studies University, gave a lecture titled 《Reflection on Commercial Chinese Teaching》, discussing the teaching practice she encountered in teaching. This is the first time that Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza utilized a vulunteer teacher as the lecturer, and this was also a brandnew motion that we explored our interior human resources to apply in the teaching activities.

From 4 May, we stepped in the part of “teachers’workplace”. During the May, we will weekly arrange to watch a teacher’s teaching videoin order to explore the related discussion mainly about: 1)how to use Chinese as much as possible in class; 2) What’s the key points and difficulties in taching 《Commercial Chinese》; 3) how to teach Chinese vocabulary and so on.

Yang Wei, Jiang Ting

Confucius Institute in

University of Rome La Sapienza