London Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine offers Free Consultaion and Massage

[Source]    London Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine [Time]    2011-05-31 09:53:30 

As people pay more attention to "Wellbeing", CITCM launched a "Free Consultation and Massage” activity in London South Bank University ", to create an opportunity for the light of traditional Chinese medicine to shine through, and to let westerners enjoy its magic power whenever and wherever.

Five Chinese Medicine teachers from CITCM provided 3 hours’ free consultation and massage every Wednesday afternoon for the staff, and many of them enthusiastically made appointments and wanted to experience traditional Chinese health care methods. The teachers designed a questionnaire about the constitution analysis for each person to analyze and summarize the results of the survey, and tailored a method of health care for each one in diet, exercise, emotional regulation, as well as offered other appropriate recommendations. The staff are not only very satisfied with the treatments, but marveled at the effect of traditional Chinese massage, and hoped that they can book a continue treatment in the clinic of CITCM.

In order to bring about the better outcomes, the teachers constantly sum up experience and strive to provide better service for those who take counsel, so that more people will benefit from Chinese medicine. (London Confucius Institute in Traditional Chinese Medicine)