HSK Was Held by the Confucius Classroom at Fuxing Successfully

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Fuxing [Time]    2011-05-30 17:31:24 

On May 22h, the first New Chinese Testing (HSK) of 2011 was held by the Confucius classroom at Fuxing Chinese and Language class in Yangon, the union of Myanmar.

scene of the examination

answering questions carefully

It gets concert and attention from various circles of society of Yangon. The principals from all primary and middle schools in Yangon came to the examination rooms in person to visit the examinations.


At 9:00 o’clock, the examination started, it went smoothly in the whole process, there is no accident or event happened. With support from the various circles of society of Yangon and the effort of all Fuxing Confucius classroom’s staff, HSK has succeeded to admiration.

                              scene of the examination2

scene of the examination3

There are many students attended this examination, the number reaches 420 students in total for the written examinations of six levels and the oral examinations of three levels. Students are very careful to answer the questions as requested. Teachers from China and local worked hand in hand to make everything turning out well.

scene of the examination3

The examination achieved complete success.

                                                           From: Ivy Jiang