Bringing Enjoyment to Chinese Classrooms--Confucius Classroom at Kobe Toyo Medical School Launches a Paper-Cutting Program at its High School

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Kobe Toyo Medical School [Time]    2011-05-16 14:45:23 

Kobe, May 12th, 2011 - Since its cooperation with Ikawadani High School in Hyogo began in April 2010 to launch Chinese language programs, the Confucius Classroom at Kobe Toyo Medical School has witnessed the smooth operation of its programs, as well as an increase in enthusiasm for learning and rise in popularity of its Chinese courses. On May 12th, the Classroom launched a Chinese paper-cutting course at the school and brought even more enjoyment to the Chinese classroom.

The course consists of two parts: a paper-cut presentation and paper-cutting experience section. The presentation showcased about 10 pieces of paper-cutting works with different themes, including minority nationalities, roles in Beijing Opera, the Chinese character "Fu", 12 zodiac animals and flowers. A teacher from the Classroom called Wang Zhongyi first gave an introduction to the cultural background of paper-cutting and how to make paper-cuts and then guided the students to make two paper-cut works, so as to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and share joy with them.

After the class, the students stated that this was their first contact with Chinese culture and they found it very interesting. They also expressed their desire to learn Chinese well and to visit China some day. At that time, they hope to be able to speak with their Chinese friends in Chinese.