The Confucius Institute at Islamabad successfully Hosts the “Chinese Language Teacher Workshop in Pakistan”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Islamabad [Time]    2011-04-29 15:33:52 

April 27th, Confucius institute in Islamabad (CII) successfully held “Chinese language teacher workshop in Pakistan” in National University of Modern Languages(NUML). More than forty Chinese teachers who were from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi attended the training course.

The workshop, as a continuance of last Seminar on Chinese Textbooks and Chinese Language Teaching, was a big step taken to orient CII as Chinese teaching resource center and communication platform for Pakistani Chinese teaching circle. The one day long workshop included two sessions: “the lecture was predicated on a theme” and the “demonstration class of Chinese language teaching”. Scholars and teachers who attended had a discussion over how to improve the Chinese teaching level and promote the local qualified teachers in Pakistan, and how to optimize the Chinese teaching resource.

In the morning session, Prof. Lei Weizhong, head of the Chinese Department in NUML had been invited again to introduce the International Chinese Teachers' Competence Standards. In Prof. Lei’s lecture, specific and vivid examples accumulated from his long-term career were quoted to illustrate the basic qualities required for a capable international Chinese teacher, and he hoped that all the present members should work hard to meet the standards. Then Mr. Song Weitao, visiting scholar from Fudan University, delivered a lecture on Appreciation of Masterpieces in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Mr Song led the spot to review the “the four masterpieces of literature” in China, and made a deep analysis over the social background and the characters. Many teachers exchanged their understandings of “the four masterpieces of literature” with Mr. Song.

The afternoon session demonstrated six Chinese teaching model classes. The videos which were taught by both Chinese and Pakistani teachers, covering different courses and students of all ages, were quite universal and typical. Dr. Li Runsheng, Mr. Zhang Haiwei from CII and Prof. Lei Weizhong, Prof. Misbab from Chinese Department in NUML were specially invited as judges to comment on the videos after watching. The judges spoke highly on the expertise and qualities showed by teachers in the teaching video, they also suggested improvement on issues such as inappropriate dressing and overusing medium language and so on. Local teachers were surprised to find that “Chinese can be taught without medium language” after watching videos by Miss. Ren Haoqi and Mr. Zhang Tiejun. Prof. Misbah frankly said: ‘Although I have been in this field for many years, when I was observing their classes, I felt like becoming one of their students studying with them. I think their teaching methods are very practical, our Pakistani teachers should look up to them’. The present teachers also expressed that they benefited a lot from the demonstration class, which would help to guide and improve their future Chinese teaching.

Compared to last seminar, we had new teachers from Karachi, and expanded attending numbers from about thirty to above forty. Our focus shifted from Macro development of Chinese teaching in Pakistan to Micro improvement of Chinese teaching competences. Currently, Chinese language in Pakistan has boasted rapidly, while enlarging the skilled Chinese teachers teams and improving the teaching quality are two bottlenecks to be break through. Therefore, strengthening the local teaching staff and improving the teaching quality is an urgent priority. Henceforth, by making use of its position, CII will implement the strategy of localization of Chinese teaching and constantly dedicate to intensifying cooperation among Chinese teaching units in Pakistan and optimizing the Chinese teaching resources to enhance Chinese teaching in Pakistan.