Student Recruitment at the Confucius Institute at Sapporo University Reaches Record Numbers in the Face of Adversity

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Sapporo University [Time]    2011-04-20 10:55:17 

Sapporo, April 14th—31 lectures had been hosted by the Confucius Institute at Sapporo University this year by April 14th. Enrollment figures had also reached 313, meaning that a new record had been made despite the difficult conditions faced by Japan. This new record has served as encouragement for Confucius Institute faculty spurring them on to make even greater efforts and achieve even loftier goals.

The earthquake which hit the Pacific coastal area of northeast Japan on March 13th has made a tremendous impact on the Japanese economy. The negative influence of the disaster was even greater on Japan’s nuclear power plants than it was on its economy. These plants, which were the pride of Japan and previously believed to be secure, sustained heavy damage causing even greater emotional trauma. It was believed that it would be a busy recruitment season; but as a result of the disasters, students that had planned to sign up were reluctant to do so. For this reason, only been 183 people had registered by March 25th.

Facing the unexpected disasters and obstacles, Director Zhang Weixiong offered encouragement to everyone. Following his analysis, he concluded that the morale boosted by the achievements made by the Confucius Institute over many years would most certainly help the Japanese people pull through this difficult time. He also made an objective analysis of the situation suggesting that in the long run, students would overcome the negative feelings recently encountered because the Japanese people have a very strong will in the face of natural disasters. Director Zhang’s calmness was a source of great encouragement to everyone.

On March 26th, a recruitment consultation and introduction meeting was held for the purpose of increasing the Confucius Institute’s influence. The Japanese Director, Prof. Zhang answered questions alongside other faculty members, including the Chinese Director Liu Jinju, teacher Xing Yuzhi. He also personally conducted an ‘Elementary Chinese Experience Class’. Influenced and led by Prof. Zhang, the Confucius Institute’s faculty members have taken advantage of various events so as to promote their featured courses. Impressive results were achieved in all of these events in spite of the difficult conditions in Japan. (By Liu Jinju)