Writing history, Experiencing tradition Calligraphy experience class in Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza was well concluded

[Source]    Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza [Time]    2011-04-13 10:57:05 

From March 11 to April 1, four-week calligraphy experience class was smoothly conducted and concluded. As for one of the cultural activities conduted in Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza, calligraphy experience class was free to all levels of people including students both in Confucius Institute and University of Rome La Sapienza and, many other woking people in fields. Since the commencement notice of the class was announced, within only 3 days, the recruiting number was overpass 80. In order to assure the teaching effect, we had to choose only former 30 applicants to be the member for attending the class. Other applicants were strongly wished to have the chance to take part in the class even if as visited students.

Confucius Institute in University of Rome La Sapienza offered students the Chinese Brushes, rice papers, and grindings. We also invited

Professor Jin Guanjun, vice director of European Calligraphy Association, who worked for many years in teaching the art of calligraphy and communication services, to be the teacher of calligraphy experience class.From the origine of chinese characters and calligraphy, Prof. Jin introduced the art and basic knowledge of calligraphy, and also practiced personally to show how to use the Chinese Brush, letting students acknowledge the charm of Chinese calligraphy in turn arousing their interest and enthusiasm for learning.

Recently, various cultural activities will be around for advocating and promoting Chinese culture. At the end of April, weekly activity “Image China” lasting for 6 weeks will be conducted. We believe that Chinese movies will surely take a very brand new perspective for italian people to know China.