Chinese Education Delegation Accompanied by Israel’s Minister of Education Visits the Confucius Classroom

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University [Time]    2011-03-31 13:35:33 

Netzanim, March 24th—Zheng Shushan, Head of the Chinese education delegation, and his entourage, accompanied by the Israel’s Minister of Education, paid a visit to the Confucius Classroom at Netzanim Primary School which is connected with the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University.

As honorable guests, including a Chinese education delegation, accompanied by the Israeli Minister of Education of approached the Confucius Classroom at Netzanim Primary School, they were graciously welcomed by teachers and students on both sides. The joyful, lively children presented a superb Chinese folk arts performance for the enjoyment of the minister and the delegation. People could not resist the feeling of excitement resulting from the strong impact that ‘China’ has upon the Israeli children’s hearts after appreciating various performances presented by the children, including the children’s chorus —‘One, two, three, four, six, seven, where are my friends? They are in China, in Israel…’, Tang poetry recital, a calligraphy performance and Chinese language show presented by first year and second year students. The children’s superb performances were met by a stream of rapturous applause from guests. Following the children’s colorful Chinese performances, Gideon Sa’ar, Israeli Minister of Education spoke to the guests, teachers and students passionately, explaining that the Ministry of Education of Israel has already formulated a Chinese education plan. The plan will encourage and support a greater number of schools in opening Chinese courses so that more children will have the opportunity to learn Chinese. The minister stated that both China and Israel both have splendid cultures and that it is hoped that many more efforts in cooperation and exchange between China and Israel like take place across various fields, including those of economics, education and culture.

On behalf Hanban, Zheng Shushan, Head of the Chinese education delegation, donated 225 bilingual (Chinese and Hebrew) children’s books to the Confucius Classroom at Netzanim Primary School, rousing enthusiastic applause from teachers and students present. The children cheered with great excitement when they heard Head Zheng Shushan’s invitation to visit China.

There is a widespread consensus regarding the importance of Chinese education in Isreal. ‘Today’s applause not only comes from the adults, but also from the children.’ said Gideon Sa’ar, Israeli Minister of Education. Prof. Aron Shai, President of Tel Aviv University, complimented the Confucius Institute on its achievements in promoting Chinese language learning and Chinese culture in Israel highly. The success can partly attributed to the efforts of the Educational Office of Chinese Embassy in Israel and its support and active promotion of Chinese. Several parent representatives also spoke passionately about their foresight in encouraging their children to learn Chinese and they spoke of their determination to help their children continue studying Chinese in the future. Expression of these views reinforced people’s faith in the brighter outlook of Chinese education in Israel and faith in Sino-Israeli friendship.