The Third Mongolian HSK Seminar Held in Ulaanbaator

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at MSUE [Time]    2011-03-30 14:46:29 

The Third Worldwide Mongolian HSK Seminar was held in Mongolian State University of Education(MSUE) on Mar. 27th, 2011, the sponsor being the Cultural Affairs Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Mongolia and the host being the Confucius Classroom and the HSK Center at MSUE. Academician B. Jadambaa, President of MSUE and Professor Wu Xinying, Counsellor of Cultural Affairs from the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, B.Purev-Ochir and A.Tsog-Ochir, Vice presidents of MSUE made their presences at the seminar, and about 40 expertise teachers of Chinese from China and Mongolia and Volunteer teachers of Chinese from China attended the seminar. B. Jadambaa and Wu Xinying gave speeches respectively.

Over 40 people attend the seminar

In his speech, B. Jadambaa said that it had been ten years since the establishment of the HSK Center at MSUE and with the increasing influence of the center, more and more Mongolians are fond of learning the Chinese language now. He appreciated the multiple aids from the Chinese Embassy. He was pleased to work together with China's experts from other colleges and universities and hoped that all guests gave their opinions to better the HSK undertakings.

Counsellor Wu Xinying said in her speech that the HSK Center at MSUE is the only HSK agency in Mongolia. The center has given a great deal of help to the Chinese lovers in Mongolia. She added that there has been an increasing number of people registered for the exam and the grade of HSK has become a necessary requirement for the scholarship granted by the Chinese Government. Lastly, Miss Wu said that HSK has helped the Mongolian lovers of Chinese improve their Chinese competence and the mutual understanding between the people of the two countries.

Academician B. Jadambaa makes an Opening Speech

Counselor Wu Xinying Makes a Speech

Professor G. Tsogzolmaa, dean of the Foreign Language School of MSUE and Mongolian dean of the Confucius Classroom at MSUE, and a dozen of other experts from China and Mongolia make presentations at the seminar, focusing on the situations of HSK in Mongolia, the differences between the new and old versions of HSK, especially the features of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and oral tests and corresponding solution strategies. In group workshops, all participants made remarks on how to combine HSK with normal curricula and the problems in the teaching in Mongolia. Those volunteer Chinese teachers based their talks on the actual situations in their classroom teaching and gave their constructive ideas on how to react to those unfavorable cases.

Presentations made by Experts

Mr Zhang Daisheng, Chinese dean of the Confucius Classroom at MSUE, said in his concluding speech that the seminar was supported by all parties and people concerned, receiving about 20 papers. He summed up that participants reached agreement on the following points: taking the particular cases of Mongolian students into consideration, applying task-oriented approach and motivating method in cultivating students' interest, combining HSK with the regular lessons of Chinese. Zhang Daisheng finally proposed that the Confucius Classroom at MSUE would team up with all the experts in compiling new HSK teaching materials to change the shortage of HSK materials for the better.

Topic-based Sesssions

Contributed by Zhang Daisheng and Wu Tao