Liaoning Hosts Its First HSK Test at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

[Source]    Dalian Daily [Time]    2011-03-23 11:15:53 


An amusing joke once became popular on the internet that describes Chinese netizens’ longing for the spread of Chinese language. Although the joke is somewhat overdrawn, the challenge and tension facing foreigners who took the new HSK test yesterday is not the less than that which faces the Chinese when taking CET-4 or CET-6 or TOEFL.

Yesterday, Liaoning Province launched its first new HSK test at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE). Foreign students from colleges and universities of Dalian and surrounding cities as well as foreign employees from South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Congo (Brazzavile) and Britain working in local foreign-funded enterprises, a total of some 100 people took the HSK exam in levels three to six.

The new HSK is an internationally standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. The new HSK consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other. According to DUFE officials who are responsible for Chinese tests, the HSK test is of great importance to both foreign students who intend to study in China and those who are already studying in China. Minimum HSK proficiency(180 points for HSK-level 4 or HSK Elementary Certificate Grade C)is a prerequisite when applying for a bachelor’s program in China. The results of the test are also important for students who want to engage in work related to Chinese language after graduation.

The new HSK replaced the old one in 2009, and was put into practice first at Hanban overseas test sites. For the HSK-Level 4, 5 and 6 tests, examinees must attain at least 180 points to pass these tests, corresponding to HSK Elementary Certificate Grade C, Intermediate Grade C and Advanced Grade C. Test takers will receive the results for the new HSK issued by Hanban within three weeks after the test.

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In addition to HSK, Hanban also offers the Business Chinese Test (BCT) and the Young Learners Chinese Test (YCT).

BCT: BCT is a state-level standardized test designed to assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers engaged in business activities. BCT assesses the communicative ability of test takers using Chinese in a wide range of business-related career occasions, daily life and social interaction. The test mainly focuses on practicality and ability to communicate. Dongbei University of Finance and Economics is one of the sites hosting BCT.

YCT: The new YCT was launched by Hanban in an effort to encourage foreign young students to learn Chinese language and improve their Chinese language proficiency.

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