Confucius Institute In UCC Organized Faculty and Students to Participate in Irish National Parade

[Source]    Confucius Institute In UCC [Time]    2011-03-23 11:15:57 

On Mrch 17th, 2011, under the invitation of City Council of Cork city, Confucius Institute of UCC organized all faculty members, PHD students in Asian Study , Chinese International Students in student union of UCC and scholars , in total, more than 60 to participate in Saint Patrick’s Day Parade—Irish National Day’s Parade.

The Military of Sea and Air Force, Government sections, schools, companies, units, representatives of different countries residing in Ireland all showed up in the parade. Though weather was cold, people still held great enthusiasm for parade. There were family section, crown section, dancing section etc, and everyone wore green hat and was painted with Irish flag on the face.

For the parade, Confucius Institute booked green and red T- shirts as well as a golden dragon. QiPao dresses, Dragon dancing, Kongfu performance were so eye-catching in the parade. And dragon dancing interacted very well with the audiences, especially the kids; little gifts were also handed out to the spectators, which offered a good chance to let more people get to know about China.

Through the successful display of China and Chinese culture, Confucius Institute emphasized its influence on local people. With the cooperative effort from every part of Cork, Confucius Institute in UCC contributed a lot to the Chinese learning and cultural promotion in Cork.