Minister of Education Visits Kingsford Community School

[Source]    Kingsford Community School [Time]    2011-03-18 13:18:43 

At 9am on 14th of March, Nick Gibb, the British Minister of State for Schools paid a visit to Kingsford Community School, focusing on the Chinese language education. He was impressed by the Mandarin lesson, Abacus lesson and students' Chinese folk dance and Taiji Fan performance.

The main purpose of the visit laid on the current situation of the Chinese language education and Chinese culture promotion at secondary and primary schools in England. As soon as Minister Gibb entered the school, he was amazed by the Chinese folk dance Flying Songs of Earth of the students, who were dressed up in Chinese folk costumes.

Then the Minister shook hands with each of the teaching staff and students who were present welcoming him. The students coming different ethic backgrounds greeted the Minister in their own language, which corresponded with the feature of the school as a language specialist school.

After a short welcome ceremony, Minister Gibb was led to a Mandarin class. He was surprised by the students who were able to make a comprehensive self-introduction in Mandarin. He had always believed Mandarin was a difficult language, which required much devotion and investment to promote, he admitted. But he was persuaded by the students that it was not that difficult and it's worth promoting.

The Minister entered a maths lesson afterwards. Instead of pens and paper, it was abacus that the students were holding in their hands-the Chinese Director of SSAT Confucius Institute, Ms. Liu Xiuqin was giving an abacus lesson. Seeing the students were learning with interest, the Minister himself began to calculating with an abacus.

Finally, the Head Teacher of the school, Ms. Deslands, gave a brief introduction to the development of the Chinese language education at the school, followed by the Minister's final remarks. The whole visit was concluded by appreciating a Taiji Fan performance from the students. It was believed that the visit would have a positive impact on the promotion of the Chinese language and culture in England in the future.