Chinese Embassy in Singapore Hosts a ‘2010 Seminar for Chinese Language Teachers Set to Teach in Singapore’

[Source]    Volunteer Center [Time]    2011-03-11 14:58:01 

Singapore, March 6th, 2011— A ‘2010 Seminar for Chinese Language Teachers set to Teach in Singapore’ was jointly hosted by the Educational Office of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore and the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union. Figures including Dai Bing, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Zhou Jianping, Counselor of the Educational Office, Senator Ma Yanqing, Consultant of Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union, Lin Zhennan, President of Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union, instructors from the Singapore Ministry of Education, senior Chinese language teachers and more than 70 Chinese language teachers preparing to teach in Singapore, were in attendance at the seminar.

Minister Counselor Dai Bing, on behalf of the Embassy, extended gracious welcomes to the Chinese language teachers with upcoming Singapore teaching posts. In his speech, he fully acknowledged the significant contributions made by the Chinese language teachers as part of Sino-Singaporean educational exchanges. Additionally, he sincerely hopes that the new teachers will devote themselves to teaching with insight and thoughtfulness, becoming messengers for Sino-Singaporean cultural exchange.

Senator Ma Yanqing indicated in his speech that he hopes that the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union will continue to cooperate closely with the Chinese Embassy in Singapore in service of the Chinese teachers in Singapore and in facilitating two-way exchange between the educators of China and Singapore.

During the seminar, the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union gave an introduction on English courses, training schemes and welfare provision set up in aid of Chinese language teachers. Fu Chuanfeng, Principal of Dunman High School, Singapore, introduced the general climate of Chinese language teaching in Singapore and outlined a teacher appraisal system as well as standard. Senior Chinese language teachers and Singaporean teachers spoke on their teaching experiences and their own feelings. Following the seminar, the Chinese language teachers elected two organizers from within their ranks; they will be responsible for liaising with their fellow Chinese language teachers and assisting the Educational Office of the Embassy in hosting a number of activities.

New teachers present said that the seminar had provided them with a platform for mutual communication which allowed them to engage in exchanges as well as providing great assistance in their teaching and day to day lives. They hope that the Embassy will host plenty such activities in the future.