The Confucius Institute at Islamabad Hosts The 1st Seminar on Chinese Textbooks and Chinese Language Teaching

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Islamabad [Time]    2011-03-11 16:34:32 

Lei Weizhong giving lecture

introduction of Chinese textbook

the scene of seminar

March 5th,2011, the 1st Seminar on Chinese Textbooks and Chinese Language Teaching hosted by the CI at Islamabad was staged in National University of Modern Languages, Pakistan.

Significant progress has been made in the field of Chinese language teaching among the many Pakistan Universities as well as the primary and secondary schools over the recent years, especially since the establishment of the CI at Islamabad in 2005. Given that the subject of Chinese language now is highly popular with the Pakistan students, the CI decided to initiate such a Chinese language seminar, which is also in line with the calling of Hanban on further the research on and the localization of the Chinese textbooks.

This one-day seminar includes two parts: firstly the lecture session, followed by an introduction and research on the CI Headquarter awarding-winning Chinese textbooks. A number of scholars and Chinese teachers, coming from different areas such as Islamabad, Lahore and Chanab Nagar were in attendance. They had some in-depth discussion and exchanged their opinions on how to develop localized Chinese textbooks to better meet the needs of local community. This seminar also accounts for part of the Chinese Textbook Exhibitions held by the CI at Islamabad.

Prof. Lei Weizhong, head of the Chinese Department in NUML was the key-note speaker for the morning session, he elaborated on the ways to improve the Chinese teachers' teaching ability in a speech entitled "how the Chinese teachers shall prepare for their lessons?"

The specific teaching cases that Prof. Lei used in his lecture raised huge interest among the audience, in response two Chinese teachers from the Roots School System showcased the courseware that they've prepared for their first Chinese class, and shared their successful experience in stimulating and motivating the Chinese-learning students.

" In the afternoon session, more teachers at the Chinese Dept. in NUML, including Mr. Zarfar Naveed, Mr. Munib Ahmed and Ms. Rashida Mustafa, as well as the teachers at the CI in Islamabad, Mr. Zhang Tiejun and Mr. Zhang Haiwei, were the speakers who introduced the Chinese textbook that they were using to the attendance. Many of the speakers have received the specific training organizied by the CI headquarter on those textbooks such as 《Chinese Paradise》、《New Practical Chinese Reader》、《Learn Chinese With Me》and《Greatwall Chinese》, thus quite familiar with features and essences of these books. In addition, they also talked about the different teaching modes regarding the different textbooks.

Participants of the seminar reached a consensus after the discussion that the various cultural and social factors should be taken fully into account when it comes to developing localized Chinese textbooks for Pakistan. The current priority for all the Chinese teachers is to fully utilize and explore the good textbooks that are already available now as a means to develop new textbooks in the future.

This seminar is a grand gathering of the Chinese teachers who are active at different levels of the Pakistan school system, the exchange between them in terms of teaching methods and experience will surely serve them well when they go back to their respective posts. Thanks to the textbook introduction session, many valuable teaching resources gained more recognition among the teachers. The participants all believe that with the fresh perspective and renewed knowledge that they've got by attending this seminar, the cause of Chinese language teaching in Pakistan will gain more momentum in the future.