Toulouse Inaugurates Its First Confuicus Classroom

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Toulouse [Time]    2011-03-04 10:25:20 

Unveiling nameplate for the Confucius Classroom

Toulouse, Feb. 24th, 2011 — Saint Joseph School of Toulouse, decorated with laterns and colored banners, unveiled its Confucius Classroom, which is also the first one of its kind in Toulouse.

The Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate General in Marseille Song Binglin; Saint Joseph Deputy Principal Ms. Mme Caradec; the Vice President of the University of Toulouse I; Chinese and French directors of the Confucius Institute of Toulouse were present to unveil nameplate for the Classroom. Also present at the inauguration ceremony were some teachers and students from Saint Joseph School and the Confucius Institute.

At the ceremony, around 30 Confucius Classroom students sang the Chinese song ‘Happy New Year’ under the direction of their Chinese teacher, drawing rounds of warm applause from the audience.

Students singsing the Chinese song ‘Happy New Year’

Consul General Song Binglin presented the Classroom with Chinese books and gave a speech, expressing his congratulations on the opening of the first Confucius Classroom in Toulouse and pointing out that more and more French people are interested in learning about Chinese language and culture thanks to China’s booming economy, long history, profound culture and ever-growing international status. He also stated that the establishment of the Classroom will surely exert a positive influence on the promotion of Chinese education and culture, and that the consulate general will lend their full support to the Classroom’s Chinese teaching and cultural activities.

Consul General Song Binglin delivering a speech

Deputy Principal Ms. Mme Caradec and the Institute’s French Director Prof. Martin also expressed their congratulations on the opening of the Classroom.

In her speech, Deputy Principal Ms. Mme Caradec stated that the Classroom, which is affiliated to the Confucius Institute of Toulouse, will make good use of the Institute’s teaching resources and experience in combination of its own advantange to carry out various Chinese teaching and cultural activities, striving to make the Classroom become the best one of its kind in France.

Deputy Principal Ms. Mme Caradec delivering a speech

The French Director Martin expressed that the Classroom is the first Confucius Classroom approved by Hanban to be established in Toulouse, aiming to promoting Chinese language and culture in French primary and secondary schools. It provides local primary and secondary school students with a new platform to learn Chinese language and culture.

After the ceremony, Consul General Song Binglin visited the Classroom and Saint Joseph School in the company of Deputy Principal Ms. Mme Caradec.

VIP guests visiting the Classroom

On the afternoon of Feb. 25th, the art troupe of Confucius Institute of Toulouse staged a wonderful performance including pipa solo, folk song singing, poem recital, tai chi show and so on, drawing rounds of applause from the teachers and students of Saint Joseph School.

Performing pipa solo


The Confucius Institute of Toulouse was unveiled in Sep. 2009, and currently offers Chinese language and culture courses to Toulouse, Albi, Castres and other areas, playing a positive role in promoting cultural exchanges and friendship between the two countries.