Feast of Chinese Culture——The Art Troupe of Beijing Sport University showed a Big Success in the Confucius Institute in Bergen, Norway

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Bergen [Time]    2011-03-03 10:59:17 

Happy Spring Festival

The art troupe of Beijing Sport University was sent by Hanban to perform in Bergen, Norway on Feb, 13, 2011 and Feb, 14, 2011. Their performances were marvelous, and received a cordial welcome by 3,500 people in schools and various sectors of the community.

Though this was the second time to make the performance tour, the University leaders still paid great attention to the performances this time. There were 6 performances in total around Norway, Iceland, and Netherlands. Therefore, Beijing Sport University formed a star-studded cast, including athlete escort of China in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (YU, Pei), the all-around winner of World Dragon & Lion Dance Championships, and students major in eurhythmics. The Vice President of BSU, Prof. WANG, Fen, led the troupe in person. Besides, the dean of the Faculty of Art, Ma Hongtao, was served as the stage director; Prof. LV, Yunjun from the School of Wushu as the tour speeches expert; Miss YU, Feifei from BSU Youth League Committee as the art supervisor; and Mr. LI, Chen from the School of International Education as the secretary.

The coming of the troupe brought not only Chinese culture, but also the sunny days. All the teachers of Confucius Institute in Bergen (CIB) were celebrating for the disappearance of rainy days.

On Feb, 13th the first performance began at 7 p.m. The ground was packed out by more than 2,000 audiences, mainly from the community families. The performance began with the Chinese-style dancing, Happy Spring Festival, making all the people’s eyes brightened.

Then, the tour speeches expert, Prof. LV explained the features and cultural connotation of Chinese Wushu in detail. The interesting fist skills, the hot weapon skills, and the soft Tai-ji came on stage in turn. The performance was punctuated by cheers from the crowd.

Fist Skills 1

The local students from CIB also made a report-back performance. Some of the children are quite skillful and entertained all the audience well.

Meanwhile, the romantic and elegant modern dance presented as added attraction. The green Bamboo and the blue Love Story let everybody jumping on the melody. All the audiences were besotted by the beautiful artistic conception.

Different Rhythmic Gymnastics position performed with apparatus,accompanied by music, was a perfect fusion of athletics and aesthetics.

Prof. LV explained and acted personally when he talked about Chinese folk sports games for children. He led the audience to roll the steel ring, to kick shuttlecock, to play Tai-ji soft power ball. This activity brought the audience a new experience of Chinese culture.

Last but not least, the final show was Lion Dancing. The audience broke into cheers when they saw 9 people in 4 pairs of lions. The students in lions followed the ball, jumping, dancing, and rolling. The evening was climaxed by the audience’s applause and passion.

The whole performance gave a perfect illustration of the integration of trandition and modern, motion and repose, fierce and softness.

The art troupe gave the second performance, special for students in primary and middle school, at 12 p.m. on Feb, 14th. More than 1,000 students from ten more schools greeted with ‘Nihao’ on the stands, being curious about Chinese culture. Spontaneously the children began to clap at the beginning of the performance and presently the ground was loud with applause and cheers. So excited they were!

The funny thing was, dozens of children rushed into the exercising ground during the experience of Chinese folk sports games. The host had to prolong the experience time because children’s desires were too strong. As for Prof. LV, he was hectic.

After the performance, many children still asked whether there was a performance in the evening or on the other day.

The performance left a deep impression while the children began to yearn for China. We believe this could also motivate the children to learn Chinese, to learn Wushu.

That was the everlasting charm of Chinese culture!

Fig 20: Chinese culture experience——kick shuttlecock

Fig 21: Norwegian children——learning ceremony of Wushu

Eli, the Chairperson of CIB Board and the President of Bergen University College; Rita, the general manager of CIB; and the Director and all the teachers of CIB were present.

After the final curtain, all the distinguished guests walked to the stage and shake hands with the performers. President Eli took the opportunity to thank Hanban for sending such an outstanding group of culture ambassador, and thank BSU and all the performers for bringing the excellent performance. They were looking forward to the next coming of the art troupe within this year.

Writer:CHENG, Hong

Translator:WANG, Chen