Seeing in the Lantern Festival with a Multitude of Student-Made Red Lanterns ——China Day Workshop at Passmores School, England

[Source]    SSAT [Time]    2011-03-03 10:26:20 

The Confucius Classroom at Passmores School, Essex successfully hosted Chinese New Year the day after Chinese Lantern Festival on the18th of February 2011.There was an atmosphere of celebration in the school's classrooms at the culmination of Passmore's Chinese culture week, draped in traditional Chinese red (a colour associated both with festivals and good luck) and featuring colourful paper decorations and lanterns throughout.

A workshop was held for 150 students from school year 7 (consisting of students aged between 11-13), which was divided into Beijing Opera, Calligraphy, Paper-Cutting and an introduction to traditional Chinese medicine. Hanban teacher Dai Xu explained the origin of Chinese New Year, how it is celebrated in China and the spirit of goodwill it embodies.

Ms Dai explained how to make beautiful New Year's lanterns and organised a fun event in which students had to race one another holding a ping-pong ball between chopsticks. This proved to be such a hit that the teachers couldn't resist taking part alongside the students!

Another Hanban teacher, Mr. Chen Shicun, spoke to students about traditional Chinese medicine, explaining this complicated subject very clearly, as well as how to design colourful Taichi patterns, and how to design Five Animal Fist and Taichi fans.

After the workshop the students were asked to summarise their Chinese New Year's experience through which it was obvious that the students had clearly comprehended the content of the course.The Chinese culture week lasted five days and consisted of a Chinese food festival, a Lion dance show, Beijing Opera, Calligraphy, a China day workshop and an introduction to traditional Chinese medicine, all of which helps promote Chinese culture and language to foreign students.

(By Dai Xu)