The US Tour by “Three Tours” Performance Group of London Confucius Institute for TCM and Harbin Normal University Ends Successfully

[Source]    London Confucius Institute for TCM [Time]    2011-02-23 09:47:46 

“Three Tours” Performance Group of London Confucius Institute for TCM and Harbin Normal University finishes its performance in Denver on Feb. 5th, and immediately takes a hurried night fly to the next stop-Confucius Institute at the University of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is located in the middle part of the US, considered as the heart area of the US, which has a quite innocent and simple custom. By the meticulous arrangement of Confucius Institute at the University of Oklahoma, the first show of the performance group is given at the Nancy O’Brian. The Vice-President of the University of Oklahoma, leaders of Confucius Institute and people from different social circles attend that amazing show, to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

The show on that night is pretty wonderful with repeatedly climaxes. Besides the performance, “Three Tours” Group specially prepares the peculiar lecture about Chinese health care, for which the expert of Chinese medicine gives detailed explanations and instructions, so that the audiences take part in the interaction enthusiastically, to feel the unique effect of Chinese health care. Actually, on that night there is the final super match of American Football of the biggest scale around the US, however, there is a full house at the Nancy O’Brian, some audiences even constantly watch our show twice, through which, their interest in Chinese culture can be obviously seen.

On Feb. 9th, taking the bus for over 8 hours, “Three Tours” arrives at the last stop- Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University. The Chinese Dean of the Institute warmly receives the performance group. In the evening of the next day, on the campus of Texas A&M University, fighting the cold, the performers give an outdoor art show for hundreds of teachers and students. The Vice-President of the University gives a speech and attends the “Tour Exhibition” and “Tour Lecture” with interest, to touch and feel Chinese custom, calligraphies and paintings, folk music, and tea ceremony, etc, with the audiences. The show is scheduled to end at 7 pm, because of the audiences’ high enthusiasm, it has to be prolonged till 8 pm.

This US tour takes totally 20 days, goes to over 30 units, including colleges, middle and primary schools, and some other educational institutes. The performance group holds 200 activities, among which there are 54 tour shows, 99 tour lectures, and 47 tour exhibitions, and presents gifts of 6 paintings, 6 calligraphies to the Consulate, Confucius Institutes and different educational units. 60,000 people take part in these activities and watch these shows. No matter where it arrives, the “Three Tours” is highly acclaimed by the local units and audiences. Many mainstream US media reports this big event. The subject of this activity is “Happy Chinese Festival and Share Health Concept”. Through colorful and diverse forms, it displays the profundity of Chinese culture to American people face to face, so that they could learn and love Chinese culture.


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