Confucius Institute in Liege, Belgium Hosts a ‘Chinese Night'Lunar New Year's Reception

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Liege [Time]    2011-02-21 17:13:45 

Eric Florence, the Belgian Director, welcoming the arrival of each and every guest

Liege, February 16th, 2011 — In the evening, a lunar New Year’s reception was hosted by the Confucius Institute in Liege’s main building, in celebration of the coming Lantern Festival and in acknowledgement of friendship institutions and people from a cross section of society and recognition of their continuation support over the years. The reception hosted a great many guests, including representatives of the congress of Liege, governmental departments of Walloon, Wallon enterprises, the University of Liege and the Chinese Students Federation of Liege as well as a number of overseas Chinese people residing in Liege.

At 6p.m. on February 16th, L3 building of the University of Liege, the Confucius Institute’s location was decorated with lanterns and ribbons, welcoming distinguished guests, including Mr. Georges Pire, Vice Governor of Liege, Mr. Philippe Backiau and Christian Meyers, two well-known Liege public figures, Ms. Marielle Germis, Chief Representative of AWEX-Agence wallonne à l'Exportation et aux Investissements étrangers in Liege. Guided by the working staff at the Confucius Institute in Liege, guests gathered in the movie theatre of L3 building, waiting for the official opening of the reception.

At 6:20p.m., the movie theatre was filled to capacity, with 200 people watching a Chinese movie entitled Getting Home, in which characters' humorous dialogues were a great source of laughter for viewers, whilst a tortuously gripping plot caught their attention. Following the movie, a dinner and an arts Chinese exhibition were hosted for the guests by the Confucius Institute. The dinner commenced with Eric Florence, Director of the Confucius Institute, giving a speech, in which he extended his gratitude to the guests and gave a brief introduction on the cultural activities recently held by the Confucius Institute. On the second floor, Mr. Gao Xuyong, a painter, was doing an onsite demonstration of brush paintings, attracting the attention of a gathering of Chinese art lovers. Amongst the audience, there were people having a go at writing on rice paper using a brush, gaining first hand understanding of the arts of Chinese calligraphy and painting. In the meanwhile, Qu Liangchen, a young sculptor, prepared braised pork, a delicious Chinese dish. Guests were intoxicated by the delicacy of the pork dish, to clamoring to write down their own email addresses in the hope of acquiring the ‘secret recipe' for braised pork.

The guests expressed pleasure at having attended the evening reception. Some guests said that they had seen too many American movies, and that they were amazed by unique perspectives and realistic elements characterizing the Chinese movies; some guests exclaimed that they had never known that Mao Zedong was such a big fan of braised pork, whilst some guests said that it was their first time to actually see the creation of a Chinese painting- an activity which turned out to be even more amazing than they had expected.

All of the guests had lost track of the time, until the clock struck 10, when they finally began to leave with reluctance.

Painter Gao Xuyong doing a painting onsite

The braised pork being in great demand

The office building of the Confucius Institute being filled with distinguished guests

Following the tasting of the braised pork, guests enjoying the brush painting