Ambassador Ding Wei attended Spring Festival poetry recitation contest in Confucius Institute at University of Rome in 2011

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Rome [Time]    2011-02-18 13:30:36 


In the evening of January 31, 2011, Spring Festival poetry recitation contest and the ninth graduation ceremony of Confucius Institute of the University of Rome was successfully held. Students in Confucius Institute conveyed their deep love of Chinese culture by reciting the Chinese poetry, their wonderful performances created a cheerful atmosphere for the traditional Chinese festival---Spring Festival.

First prize winner, Fantini Chiara, a student from intermediate class, gracefully dressed in traditional Chinese Cheongsam, recited smoothly the poem written Haizi “Men chao dahai, chun nuan hua kai”. All the audience were moved by her performance and gave a long-time enthusiastic applause for her. In the break-time of the competition, continuous applause wer aroused by two songs: one by seven students of intermediate class "Friends ", the other is by children form Children's class "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

Mr. Ding Wei--Chinese Ambassador to Italy, Professor Masini--vice president of the University of Rome and Italian Director of Confucius Institute, as well as associate Professor Zhu Yong--Chinese Director of Confucius Institute attended the activity.

Ambassador Ding Wei made a sincere appreciation and congratulation for the students of Confucius Institute after watching the performance, he said, "This activity is the most fabulous one that I ever participated in since I was been in Italy for ten monthes.” He also gave a positive estimate on Confucius Institute’s efforts on promotion of Chinese culture and Chinese language in Italy.

Professor Masini summarized and affirmed the students’ hardworking in learning Chinese language at the final speech of graduation ceremony, encouraging students at various stages to continue to overcome the difficulties in learning in the future. At last, he issued certificates personally for every student.