Confucius Institute at GROUP T, Belgium Hosts a Series of 2011 Spring Festival Culture Activity

[Source]    Confucius Institute at GROUP T [Time]    2011-02-17 11:33:36 

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As we bid farewell to the Year of the Tiger and welcome the Year of the Rabbit, the Confucius Institute at GROUP T, Belgium hosted a series of 2011 Spring Festival culture event during the 2011 Spring Festival. The Confucius Institute has insisted on hosting Spring Festival cultural activities each year since its opening in the November of 2008. This year’s event, in comparison with the events of the previous two years, was lengthier and featured richer content with more depth and a greater number of Belgian friends in participation.

On the evening of January 29th, a Chinese New Year Concert -part of Jiangsu folk musical troupe’s tour performance- hosted by the China –Belgium Arts & Culture Society was held in the assembly hall of GROUP T, Leuven with more than 300 guests, including Mohamed Ridouani, Vice Mayor of Leuven, Liu Yuli, Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Belgium, local Chinese students, scholars and Chinese language teachers of China and Belgium. The troupe presented many pieces of traditional folk music, including Spring River and Flowers at the Moonlit Night and Horse Racing. They also presented a series of European folk songs, depicting European spirit . At the concert, strongly Chinese cultural elements, including Chinese folk songs, folk dances, wushu and calligraphy, were also performed, receiving gracious welcomes and compliments from audience members.

First floor of the Chinese culture section

From February 2nd to the 5th, a ‘Chinese Culture Week’ was hosted by the Confucius Institute at GROUP T. The Chinese culture area specially set up by the Confucius Institute had been decorated with big red lanterns, bamboo pavilions and bamboo seating. On the first floor, a huge variety of traditional Chinese foods were available--- fried noodles, sautéed diced beef filet with black pepper, curry pork and wonton were provided by local Chinese restaurants every lunchtime. Guests were also given the chance to receive introductory materials on the 12Chinese zodiac signs. On the second floor, a tea ceremony experience activity was held each night, along with local Chinese calligraphers penning guests’ Chinese names as souvenirs. On the afternoon of February 2nd (Spring Festival Eve, Beijing Time), the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala was broadcast live in the dining section of the first floor, allowing the audience to take part watching the evening show, a celebratory activity partaken in by overseas Chinese people all across the world. More than 700 people from all walks of life participated in the Chinese culture week event.

On the evening of February 10th, the 2011 Spring Festival gala, jointly hosted by the Confucius Institute at GROUP T and Leuven - Chinese Students & Scholars Association at the assembly hall of GROUP T featured various guests, including Li Hongfei, Military Attaché of Chinese Embassy in Belgium, Mr. Leo Delcroix, former Belgian Defense Minister, President of Universiteit Hasselt, Prof. Guido Vercammen, Director of the Board of Group T, and Mr. Ma Changwei, First Secretary of the Educational Office of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium,. It was the 7th consecutive Spring Festival gala hosted by the GROUP T. In comparison with the previous 6 galas, it drew a larger Belgian crowd. The gala commenced with a series videos of students at the Confucius Institute at GROUP T, in which students of each school year extended New Year’s greetings making congratulatory remarks and singing songs as well as showcasing their Chinese proficiency. Professors at the GROUP T paid a New Year’s call to audience members in Chinese, displaying teacher enthusiasm for and achievements in learning Chinese. Demonstration, a crosstalk show presented by two Belgian teachers, pushed the gala to new heights, amusing Chinese and international guests with fluent Chinese accompanied with English subtitles. A tongue twister brought Chinese and Belgian audience members to compete with the leading actor on the stage, vying to be champions of the tongue twister. Mr. Shang Malong(Jean-Fran?ois Maljean), an instrumentalist, a singer, a composer and most notably the composer for Our Song, the theme song of the Belgian Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo., sang Our Song, transporting the audience back to the Belgian Pavilion. Additionally, he also sang The Moon Represents My Heart, rousing intense emotion in the audience.