Confucius Classroom in Coquitlam Welcomes the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit

[Source]    Confucius Classroom in Coquitlam [Time]    2011-02-16 15:11:21 

Vancouver, February 12th, 2011 -- On January 9th on the Chinese lunar calendar, a distinctive, interesting Spring Festival gala was hosted by the Confucius Classroom in Coquitlam in Winslow School gymnasium.

The grand gymnasium was newly decorated with Chinese features---lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, fu characters, paper-cuttings, firecracker ornaments, all with a festive Chinese Spring atmosphere. Teachers at the Confucius Classroom creatively designed each and every one of the Chinese culture exhibition stands, including 12 Chinese zodiac face masks, Chinese knots, calligraphy, Chinese national paintings, paper-folding, paper-cutting, Chinese chess and Chinese abacus use. The stands not only showcased Chinese talent but also provided a chance for children to learn and to practice.

The event commenced with live yangqin and guzheng performances. All of the families had brought their own children to the event, and there were even some families coming all the way from other cities, drawn by the Confucius Classroom’s good reputation. Approaching various stands, they were taken in by the festive atmosphere. Children were able to try out a variety of activities to their hearts' content. They were very focused, making a deep impression on everyone present.

At the invitation of the Confucius Classroom, teachers and students from local wushu schools and dance schools presented superb performances at the event, becoming an event highlight. Upon seeing these beautiful performances, many children could not help but jump on the stage, requesting the masters to teach them the artistic skills they had witnessed.

The event was also sponsored by Save on Food, a well-known local supermarket, which provided beverages and food for the event as well as generous gift parcels for the lucky draw.

It was a happy gathering as well as a rich Chinese culture experience day.