Chinese New Year Celebrations Held in Lampang

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Lampang Kanlayanee School [Time]    2011-02-11 15:44:43 

Lampang, Feb. 5th, 2011-The Confucius Classroom at Lampang Kanlayanee School worked with the Lampang city government to host Chinese New Year celebrations in Lampang and in total, 3,000 Chinese teachers, overseas Chinese students and local citizens gathered together to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

As night fell, the Lampang Gallery of Art was filled with a joyous and festive atmosphere: the cheerful rhythm of the song Happy New Year filling the air; red lanterns, waving Chinese and Thai national flags, firecrackers, Chinese knots and Beijing Opera masks dancing to the music to welcome guests from afar.

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A lion dance with cheerful sounds of drums and gongs raised the curtain of the celebrations. Lampang Mayor Dr. Nimit said that China and Thailand are close friends and he was happy to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Confucius Classroom. The mayor also stated his hope that his citizens would learn more about Chinese culture and the long history of Sino-Thai friendship.

In the evening, excellent performances were staged to express their yearning and best wishes for their families and the motherland. The song "The Butterfly Lovers" by volunteer teachers hoped that "every Jack would find his Jill". The dance "Peacock" wished everyone a happy life. Kungfu show "Chinese Kungfu" wished the motherland prosperity and her people happiness. Although the Thai students had never been to China, their dance "Get into Tibet" fully demonstated the generosity and enthusiam of Chinese people and the song "Jasmine Flower" displayed the natural beauty and charm of Chinese towns by the waterside.

The volunteers also demonstrated their cultural skills off the stage: magic paper-cutting, elegant tea ceremony, vigorous calligraphy and beautiful Chinese knots which aroused great interest among local visitors. A simple message pad expressed the Lampang people's best wishes for the Chinese New Year and deep feelings for the Chinese people. Traditonal red envelopes aroused strong homesickness in the overseas Chinese.

During the Chinese knowledge quiz, we were deeply moved by local participants' knowledge of China, including politics, economy, culture and education. Although they were overseas Chinese or foreigners, they never stop making efforts to get to know China, just as the theme of the activity "distance matters nothing, bosom friends from afar can be neighbors". They smiled happily when they recieved small prizes brought from China.

Since its establishment, the Confucius Classroom has always insisted that language and culture promotion should not be limited to classroom or campus. On this evening, we did it: Chinese culture and friendship walked out of shool and entered the local community.