London Confucius Institute for TCM jointly Celebrated Chinese New Year with the British Museum

[Source]    London Confucius Institute for TCM [Time]    2011-02-11 15:11:14 

Minister-counselor Tian Xiaogang and the Mayor of Southwark attended the celebration

London Confucius Institute for TCM jointly celebrated Chinese new year with the British Museum at BP lecture thereat at British Museum on 6th, February 2011. The performance team came from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the volunteers from London Confucius Institute for TCM, they delivered three wonderful shows. Minister-counselor Tian Xiaogang from Education department of Chinese embassy, First Secretary Mr. Qiao Fenghe, the mayor of Southwark and his wife, as well as Professor Lovegrove Mary, who’s in charge of Allied health department from London South Bank University, were invited to attend the event.

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The traditional Lion Dance with lovely music “make a good start” announced the opening of the performance. Chinese Zheng solos, just like heavenly voice made the westerns have a taste of the charm of Chinese folk music. The audiences were all amazed by the variety of dancing movement, they appreciated morbidezza from “Chrysanthemum flower terrace”, they experienced jubilance from “label your features” and “ spicy girls”, “peonies” showed them the luckiness and harmonious of Chinese nation. Taiji Fan and Chinese Martial arts pushed the event to the climax. All the audience were astonished by the breadth and depth of Chinese culture. Many boys and girls itched for a try after the performance, learning how to spin the Chinese handkerchief and imitate the long fist movement with the performers.

In the lobby of the British Museum, workshops prepared for children were busy welcoming kids with ready-made handcrafts “lucky bunny”, accompanied by their parents, kids did the crafts carefully, they were all happy and eager to show us their products. The doll “lucky Bunny” was the most famous fan of boys and girls, they queued for photographing with the bunny, wishing to make the time still.

Thousands of people watched the performance and attended the workshops, all the performers forgot their tiredness, when looking at the children’s smiley faces and hearing the excellent feedback from the audience, they committed themselves to next performance.

So many parents expressed their huge thanks to the Confucius institute and showed their deep respect to the performers, they thought it was a good opportunity for the kids to taste Chinese culture, and they were all yearning for another happy gathering next Chinese new year!(Sheng Bo)