Newsletter: Making Great Efforts to Teach Chinese and Convey Friendship—Report on Summary Meeting for Volunteer Chinese Teachers in Mongolia

[Source]    Xinhuanet [Time]    2011-01-24 11:00:04 


Xinhuanet, Ulaan Baatar, Jan. 23rd, by Shi Yongchun—an agreeable warmth prevailed in the hall of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia while the cold bitter wind was blowing outside. On the morning of Jan. 23rd, 122 volunteer Chinese teachers gathered together to report their achievements and share their teaching experiences. In the past half year, the volunteers have committed themselves to Chinese teaching in Mongolia with the responsibilities of promoting Chinese and conveying friendship to the Mongolian people.

Chinese Chargés d’affaires to Mongolia Wang Fukang fully acknowledged the achievements the volunteers have attained since they came to Mongolia. He encouraged them to make contributions to the friendship between the two peoples. Representatives from Hanban and institutions where the volunteers came from also showed concern and expressed encouragement for the volunteers.

In her speech, the Volunteer Center Director of Hanban Guo Jiaoyang stated that the volunteers have done a good job and showed an impressive volunteer spirit, in spite of the long cold winter and poor local conditions.

At the meeting, volunteer representatives gave a report about their experiences in work and life over the past half year; and demonstrated good methods for classroom teaching. A volunteer called Zhang Shuqiang talked of her achievements and experiences in teaching Chinese language. She stated that the teachers should first show care and concern for the students and make efforts to strengthen communication with the students and make them trust the teachers, so as to win their love and respect and then improve their enthusiasm for learning Chinese language.

Zhang said she believed that once teachers and students treat each other like friends, they would attain perfect conditions for both teaching and learning. As for TCFL teachers, putting love into their work can help make students more receptive to learning, and at the same time promote the image of teachers and strengthen the friendship between the two peoples.

In her speech, volunteer Huang Yin expressed her love for Mongolian students. She stated that her deep love prompts her to devote herself to teaching Chinese and help the Mongolian children learn more about Chinese language and culture.

Huang said she thought that Mongolian culture is quite different from Chinese culture, and so are the children of the two countries. Once you understand the best way of doing things, you can make every flower bear fruit even in the cold of winter. All the volunteers are planting the seeds of friendship.

During the meeting, which lasted a whole morning, the volunteers talked freely about their achievements and feelings, focusing on the topic of “Making Great Efforts to Teach Chinese and Convey Friendship”.