Addis Ababa Confucius Institute’s Phase-II Business Chinese Training Class Commences

[Source]    Addis Ababa Confucius Institute [Time]    2011-01-19 14:34:21 

Addis Ababa, January 11th---the Addis Ababa Confucius Institute’s phase-II business Chinese training class was unveiled. As Sino-Ethiopian economic ties have been becoming increasingly closer in recent years, a growing number of Chinese enterprises have gone to do business in Ethiopia and more and more Ethiopian enterprises have begun to develop business and trade ties with China. As a result, requirements for learning business Chinese have become more urgent in Ethiopian society. Students in the training class are from a number of Ethiopian enterprises; they, however, all share the same pressing need to learn business Chinese. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Chen Xueke, training supervisor, introduced the training teaching plans and primary content. The Chinese Director Gao Lili spoke on the Confucius Institute’s founding background as well as its current educational and cultural activities. Following the opening ceremony, students expressed a strong interest in learning Chinese and asked the Confucius Institute teachers questions regarding Chinese learning methods as well as books and the borrowing of other materials. The Chinese training class was held from September to November, 2010 for the first time and to great success. This current Chinese training class began in January and will finish in April, 2011.

(Contributed by the Addis Ababa Confucius Institute)