Confucius Classroom in East Thailand Hosts First Chinese Test Winter Camp

[Source]    Confucius Classroom in East Thailand [Time]    2011-01-17 10:39:01 

Group photo of all teachers and students

Kanchanaburi, Jan. 14th to 16th—the Confucius Classroom at Rayong Wittayakorm School successfully hosted the 1st Chinese test winter camp with 100 teachers and students from over 10 secondary schools in East Thailand participating.

Mr. Manit Chanwan, Principal of Rayong Wittayakorm School, said that the Confucius Classroom, as the Chinese education center in East Thailand, aims to create a good learning environment for Chinese learners. He encouraged the campers to study the Chinese language seriously and become cultural envoys between Thailand and China.

Thanks to careful coordination and management of the Confucius Classroom, the campers got an in-depth experience of the unique charm of Chinese language in a relaxed atmosphere. During cultural experience activities, the Classroom volunteer teachers guided the campers to recite poems, make Chinese knots and Beijing opera masks, practice folk dances, calligraphy and other cultural skills, which helped them gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

The students making Beijing opera masks

The students showcasing their learning results

The camp featured colorful activities, including knowledge Q&A sessions, learning Chinese songs as well as traditional Chinese games such as kicking shuttlecocks and throwing sandbags. The campers gained a lot of experience and knowledge through games in a happy atmosphere.

The campers gave a performance at the closing ceremony. Liu Peifen from Rayong Wittayakorm School dressed in an ancient costume and performed the classic dance “Liang Zhu” and drew rounds of applause. Chen Jiadi from Guang Hua School Rayong, Thailand was the youngest camper and his Chinese song “First Time” left a deep impression on all the other campers.

Interesting Chinese games

The students learning to recite Chinese poems

The students learning to make Chinese knots

Chen Lifang from Siyanuson School in Chanthaburi said, “I’m very happy to participate in the camp and I have learned a lot about Chinese language and made many new friends.”

According to the Chinese head of the Confucius Classroom, the campers for the event were all the best ones, chosen from those who passed the Classroom Chinese test. The camp was aimed to encourage Thai students to work hard in learning Chinese and improve the overall level of Chinese education in East Thailand.