Confucius Classroom at Phuket Wittayalai School Hosts Recreational Activity to Celebrate Thailand Children's Day

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Phuket Wittayalai School [Time]    2011-01-12 11:40:29 

Students playing games during the recreational activity to celebrate the Thailand Children’s Day

Phuket, Jan. 11th—A festive atmosphere prevailed on the campus of Phuket Wittayalai School. At 10 a.m., more than 3,000 teachers and students gathered in the playground to celebrate the Thailand Children’s Day. To aid the students in having a happy and unforgettable Children’s day, the Confucius Classroom at Phuket Wittayalai School hosted a colorful and Chinese-flavored recreational activity.

From the very beginning of the activity, the students took an active part in various programs, such as Chinese map jigsaw puzzle, knowledge Q&A, word puzzles and shuttlecock-kicking competition. The participants were surrounded by students waiting to take their turn or cheering for their peers. The jigsaw puzzle saw their joint efforts in solving the puzzle; the word puzzle showed their wisdom and calmness; the knowledge Q&A witnessed their intense competition while the shuttlecock-kicking competition presented them with a good chance to demonstrate their skills. Cheers and laughter resounded through the campus. The children had such a happy time and even their foreign teachers had a try.

Phuket Wittayalai students majoring in the Chinese language volunteered to make dumplings and tea eggs, just like chefs from China.

The Confucius Classroom Chinese Head Chen Zhen demonstrating how to make dough
Thai students being involved in working out the Chinese map jigsaw puzzle during the recreational activity to celebrate the Thailand Children’s Day

Thai students kicking shuttlecock during the recreational activity to celebrate the Thailand Children’s Day

The sweaty children with exited flushing faces rushed to exchange prize tickets for prizes and couldn't wait to taste delicious dumplings and tea eggs In order to get another portion, some even queued again in spite of the long lines, while couldn’t helping saying “Nice! Very Nice!”

A grade 5 student called Guo Yifeng served as a volunteer during the activity and also enjoyed a sweating bath while serving. “This is the most interesting Children’s Day I have ever had. Although I have no time to participate in every program, I feel rather happy when I know that others were having a wonderful time,” he said. A grade 3 student Wu Qingshui played the shuttlecock-kicking twice and said, “This is my last Children’s Day, and also the happiest and most unforgettable one. I’m very pleased that I got a lot of knowledge from the games.”

The activity received consistently high praise from all the teachers and students. The Thai children tasted fresh Chinese dumplings and tea eggs, played various Chinese games and had a Chinese-style Children’s Day in an easy and relaxed atmosphere.

Phuket Wittayalai School boasts a long history of around 100 years with over 3,000 teachers and students. It began to offer Chinese courses in 2001 and was among the first schools in the local area to launch Chinese courses. Since its establishment in July 2009, the Confucius Classroom at Phuket Wittayalai School has made great efforts to promote Chinese education in southwest Thailand and hosted events such as Chinese speech contests, Chinese culture festivals, Chinese language camps, book exhibitions and other activities, aiming to become the center for Chinese culture promotion, Chinese teaching and tests in southwest Thailand.