Interest in Chinese Leaps in Rayong, Thailand

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at the Rayong Wittyakom School [Time]    2011-01-11 10:35:50 

Rayong, Jan. 8th, 2011—The Confucius Classroom at the Rayong Wittyakom School held a ‘Chinese Promotion Caravan’ activity in the Rayong City Public Park. As the ‘Children’s Festival’ activity held by the city government was being held at the same time, the mayor of Rayong City. Mr. Walawit and thousands of students and parents participated in the Chinese promotion activity and explored the charm of Chinese language.

Mr. Walawit visited the exhibition stand of the Classroom with warm enthusiasm and received a special gift from the Classroom-a lovely toy panda. He said cheerfully that the Rayong government has managed to cooperate with the Classroom many times and that the toy panda is an emblem of the friendship between the two countries, hopefully to bring good luck for the cooperation between our two countries in the new year.

The exhibition stand was crowded with peoplehustling and busting.

The Classroom meticulously designed various prizes with special Chinese elements for outstanding students, such as beautiful Chinese notebooks, ball-point pens with 2011 calendars and useful post-it notes. In the Chinese games section, the lovely panda became a star, attracting children to answer questions actively and vigorously.

The Chinese principal of the Classroom expressed that, with the aim of ‘facing government and serving the community’, the Classroom will continue to provide quality Chinese service for the local residents with the support of the municipal government.

Since the Classroom was established on July 28th, 2009, it has joined hands with the government for many times to promote the popularity and expand the influence of the Classroom in Rayong City, made the Classroom widely recognized and more influential among the local people.