Chinese Ambassador to France Kong Quan Attends Experience Exchange Meeting for Dispatched Chinese Teachers and Volunteers

[Source]    Chinese Embassy in France [Time]    2011-01-11 10:02:43 

Ambassador Kong Quan at the meeting

Paris, on the afternoon of Jan. 8th—the annual Experience Exchange Meeting for Dispatched Chinese Teachers and Volunteers was held at the Education Office at Chinese Embassy in France. The Chinese Ambassador Kong Quan was present at the event and delivered a speech. Minister Counselor (Education) Zhu Xiaoyu presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Ambassador Kong Quan reviewed the development of Sino-French relations in 2010, thanked the Chinese teachers and volunteers for their great efforts in promoting Chinese education, fully affirmed their achievements and wished them a happy New Year.

Group photo of Ambassador Kong Quan with teachers and volunteers born in the Year of the Rabbit

Ambassador Kong Quan stated that 2010 witnessed a rapid development in Sino-French relations: exchanges of visits between state heads and senior officials of the two countries, close ministerial and provincial-level contacts and active non-governmental exchanges. The two countries also enjoyed increasing pragmatic cooperation in politics, economic and trade, culture, education and other fields, as well as strengthening coordination on major international affairs and regional hot issues. Sino-French cooperation has truly borne fruitful results this year.

Ambassador Kong shared his feelings about Chinese education promotion in France. First, the French public is showing an increasing enthusiasm in learning the Chinese language. Chinese teaching has become a hot issue in the French media and there are currently about 46,000 Chinese learners ranging from primary schools to colleges. More and more French students have chosen the Chinese language as their second or even first foreign language to learn.

Second, Chinese education is enjoying varied form and content, forming a learning network suitable for various needs. In addition to Chinese education offered by France's regular education system, Confucius Institutes have also grown vigorously in this country. So far, there are 14 Confucius Institutes has been established, scattered in France and its overseas regions. A large number of non-government organizations have also carried out various Chinese training courses and cultural activities with many locals involved.

Third, dispatched Chinese teachers and volunteers are playing a vital role in the promotion of Chinese education. Currently, there are a total of 102 dispatched Chinese teachers and volunteers, scattered in over 80 schools at all levels in 35 French cities. Confucius Institutes have offered 476 Chinese classes at the schools, which have attracted about 46,000 students and hosted 614 cultural activities with more than 90,000 locals participating. At present, there is still a growing demand for Chinese language teachers and volunteers.

Ambassador Kong Quan encouraged the teachers and volunteers to express their ideas freely and summarize their experience so as to explore more effective teaching methods and modes. He also encouraged them to keep up the good work in the new year and take the Chinese-French language year activity to be held in 2011 as an important platform to help more French people learn about Chinese language and culture, contributing to further mutual understanding and cooperation between the two peoples.

Group photo of Mr. Kong Quan and Ms. Zhu Xiaoyu with Chinese teachers and volunteers

Minister Counselor Zhu Xiaoyu delivering a speech

At the meeting, Minister Counselor Zhu Xiaoyu introduced the recent status of Chinese education promotion all over the world and reviewed the successful experiences in Chinese education in France as well as the deficiencies that still exist. Afterward, the teachers and volunteers shared their teaching experiences in groups and had deep discussions that focused on spreading Chinese language during the Chinese-French language year, the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes and other issues. The meeting was concluded on Jan. 9th.

Chinese teachers and volunteers present at the event came from different provinces of China. Most of them just graduated from college and were visiting a foreign country for the first time. As volunteers, they went to various parts of France to promote Chinese language and culture, overcoming problems in work and life and making great contributions to the Sino-French friendship.