Teachers and Students at Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University Celebrate 2011 New Year

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University [Time]    2011-01-05 10:49:24 

A cheerful song entitled “Good Day” raised the curtain for the New Year party hosted at the Confucius Institute at Tajikistan Nationality University. 6 Tajik girls dressed in colorful Chinese costumes with red fans in their hands staged the first performance of the New Year.

On Dec. 29th, the Chinese culture hall of the Confucius Institute enjoyed a full house—teachers, students and their parents gathered there to welcome the 2011 New Year. Students from the institute’s youth and adult classes, as well as the university’s students that majored in Chinese, prepared various performances, including traditional and modern Chinese songs which are familiar to Chinese such as “What a Beautiful Jasmine Flower”, “Beijing Welcomes You”, “The Sun, the Moon and the Stars”, “Girl Classmate sitting next to me”, “You Are My Rose”, “The Maiden Of Daban”, “Tranquil Summer” and “True Heroes” ; Chinese dance, Tajik dance and Arabic dance representing different folklores; poetry recital of “A Moonlit River in Spring for Small Ensemble” which gave the audience a taste of the charm of Chinese poetry. Everyone was amazed when 3 Tajik teenagers perfectly performed the Chinese song entitled “Chinese Language”. “It’s difficult for me, a native Chinese, to rap Chinese tongue twisters, but they give such a good performance with just one year of learning Chinese and several days of practice, it’s amazing.” a teacher said emotively.

Finally, the institute’s Tajik Director and Deputy Director of the International Cultural Exchange School of Xinjiang Normal University, Zhang Quansheng, awarded prizes to 23 students who won the title of “Confucius Institute Excellent Student”, so as to encourage all Chinese learners to work hard.