Chinese Volunteer Teachers in Mongolia win ‘Teacher of Excellence’Award

[Source]    Volunteer Center [Time]    2010-12-29 13:49:08 

On December 26th, a ‘Celebrating Christmas and Welcoming the New Year’ party was hosted by the Mongolian Khishig School. Wu Xinying, Counselor from the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, Yu Jian, Director of the Confucius Institute at National University of Mongolia and volunteer management teachers in Mongolia were invited to attend the party.

Behbaatar, President of Mongolian Khishig School, expressed his gratitude to Hanban for its substantial support, in terms of the provision of Chinese language teachers and textbooks in particular, during his speech. He stated that thanks to the hard work and selfless contributions made by the Chinese language volunteer teachers, the school has expanded and students’ Chinese proficiency has improved year by year. Two volunteers---Gegen Tana and Zou Haihong, won the school’s ‘teacher of excellence’ title for their outstanding care, diligence, willingness to bear the burden of hard work and excellent teaching performance.

During the party, Chinese volunteer teachers presented fan dances and Hulusi performances whilst students recited old poems, sang children’s songs and performed Chinese dances. The variety of performances was welcomed greatly by teachers, students and parents.