Volunteer Chinese Teachers in Thailand Hosts New Year Gathering Workshop on Improving Teaching Quality

[Source]    Volunteer Center [Time]    2010-12-28 10:03:29 

Hanban Representative Office in Thailand worked with the Thai Ministry of Education to host a Volunteer Chinese Teachers’ New Year Gathering & Workshop on Improving Teaching Quality in Bangkok on 25th. Over 600 volunteers attended the training and gathered to welcome the New Year 2011.

The workshop featured teaching demonstrations presented by excellent volunteers. Other volunteers switched their roles, and played Thai students, simulating a real classroom environment. 19 volunteers who are teaching Chinese language at universities, vocational schools, public and private schools gave teaching demonstrations covering college Chinese, practical vocational Chinese, basic Chinese for primary and secondary schools and Chinese cultural activities.

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In accordance with their own teaching experience, the volunteers brought new ideas to traditional teaching methods and strived to evoke students’ learning enthusiasm during their teaching through various ways, such as vivid body language, self-made teaching aids, combining singing, dancing and games with teaching as well as interaction with students, presenting their peers with colorful lesson demonstrations. A volunteer called Zhao Wei who is teaching at Damrongratsongkroh schoolin Chiang Rai gave an interesting Chinese cultural lesson, guiding the students to perform a fan dance in just 15 minutes and wining warm applause with his teaching skills. Gao Yue and Wan Jing, who just arrived in Thailand this June and are teaching at Waminwittayain Surat Thani and Swang Boriboon Witaya School in Pattaya, won warm applause from the judges and audience with their novel teaching design, attractive language and interaction with students.

Following the training, a New Year performance organized by the representative office was staged, bringing New Year greetings to all the volunteers. The dances entitled “Happy Water-Sprinkling Festival” and “Northern Thai Dance” performed by the volunteers demonstrated their ability to adapt to the local environment and learn about Thai culture; songs such as “Road to Heaven” and “Loving Mother” expressed their yearning for the motherland and their families. Pupils from the Confucius Classroom at Swang Boriboon Witaya School and the Confucius Classroom at Xingmin School Phitsanulok performed the dances “South of the Rainbow” and “Mother Sun”. The children extended their New Year greetings to the volunteers through their elegant dance and fluent Chinese, which made the volunteers see the fruits of their hard work and the bright future of Chinese teaching.

The Hanban Representative in Thailand, Pang Li, told reporters that the representative office in Thailand has carried out two training sessions aimed at improving teaching quality for the volunteers this July and September in cooperation with the Thai Ministry of Education. Those two sessions plus this one covered almost all the volunteers in Thailand. The combination of teaching demonstrations with discussion presented a practical training model for the volunteers to find teaching models and methods that are most suitable for Thai students. In the future,more efforts will be made to improve the volunteers’ teaching skills and push Chinese education in Thailand to a new stage.