Confucius Institute at Sapporo University Organizes Foreign Students to Attend “World Culture Festival 2010”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Sapporo University [Time]    2010-12-22 09:07:26 

Trying out Chinese tea

Sapporo, Nov. 28th—the Confucius Institute at Sapporo University organized 27 Chinese students studying at Sapporo University to attend the World Culture Festival 2010 held in Ishikari, Hokkaido. Ishikari hosts the event every December, inviting foreigners and foreign students from local and surrounding areas to introduce their cultures and have exchanges with local citizens. The Confucius Institute at Sapporo University was invited to the activity this year.

The Chinese students performed Tai Chi Chuan and sung the Chinese songs “Jasmine Flower” and “Song and Smile”. Their excellent performance evoked rounds of warm applause fromthe 600 plus members of the audience in attendance. The students dressed in pink T-shirts bearing the words “Confucius Institute at Sapporo University”, adding to the festive atmosphere of the occasion.

Explaining how to make Chinese knots

Performing Tai Chi Chuan

The Chinese booth was specially set up during the festival for the Chinese students to introduce Chinese calligraphy, tea and how to make Chinese knots. A large number of local visitors were attracted to the booth—some enjoying Chinese calligraphy, some trying out Chinese tea while inquiring how to make Chinese tea and others learning to make Chinese knots.

The activity helped promote Chinese culture and further expand the Confucius Institute’s influence.


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