Confucius Institute Students Stage an Excellent Performance

[Source]    Division of Communication [Time]    2010-12-11 18:36:34 

Students from Confucius Institutes in Tajikistan, South Korea, Zimbabwe, Australia, the United States and Russia stage a performance “Garden Full of the Beauty of Spring.”

Students from Latvia and Russia sing the Chinese love song “Butterfly Lovers.”

Students from Russia, France and the United States sing the Chinese song “Red Plum Blossom.”

“Ballet on a Shoulder” is a perfect combination of Chinese acrobatics and ballet.


During the 5th Confucius Institute Conference, students from 33 Confucius Institutes in 28 countries put on a performance. The whole performance, joyous, humorous and witty, showed the foreign students’ enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture, demonstrated the achievement of Confucius Institutes and the brilliant integration of Chinese and other cultures.