Chinese Language and Culture Competition successfully held by Confucius Institute in Islamabad

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Islamabad [Time]    2010-12-09 12:03:30 

Confucius Institute in Islamabad (CII) successfully hold Chinese Language and Culture Competition in Modern Language School & College in Pakistan on November 25th, in which more than 200 students participated.

The scene of the activity

The competition included activity items such as quiz, shopping, picking up balls with chopsticks, Chinese character writing and China map jigsaw puzzle. Three groups with 18 contestants participated in the competition. For attracting more students to participate, many interactive activities were nicely designed for the audiences. In addition, the teachers in CII also performed Taiji boxing, bamboo flute and taught the students to sing Chinese song. During the two-hours-competition, all the students were very excited and active to participate in the interesting activities, making the scene of the competition extremely lively.

Taiji performance

The participators challenge to answer questions.

The audiences are Vying with each other in answering questions and playing games.

The Chinese teachers in CII made careful preparations and plans for this competition. They designed the activities meticulously according to the age and psychological characteristics of the students in elementary and middle school, and the activities were combined with Chinese characters learning, introducing common knowledge about China and Chinese traditional culture, which made the competition not only interesting and entertaining but also informative. What’s more, the teachers spent a lot of efforts to compile a picture-illustrated handbook --Common Knowledge about China, including Chinese, English and Urdu languages, and every student was very happy to receive such a book as a gift.

Chinese Language and Culture Competition was one part of serial activities of Chinese Textbooks Exhibition. To attract more students to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture, and more schools to offer Chinese language courses in Pakistan, CII will hold such activities in other elementary and middle schools in coming weeks, such as GSIS where Chinese language course has been offered to about 50 students.(Li Runsheng, Zhanghaiwei, Zhangtiejun)