Tea ceremony with students of the tourism school

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the university of Vienna [Time]    2010-12-09 10:33:12 

On 2nd December 2010 students and professor from the tourism school in Vienna attended the workshop ‘Tea ceremony’ at the Confucius Institute to discover the exciting art of Chinese Tea and the preparation.


Our Tea-master, an employee of the Confucius Institute, presented a variety of Chinese teas, the development of tea culture and the traditions of drinking tea very clearly. The students were enthusiastic about the interesting anecdotes from the Tea-master and enjoyed the fresh brewed tea, like green tea Biluochun, semi-fermented Tieguanyin, the black tea from Yunnan Minhong and the specific Puer tea. But especially the Yasmin tea was well-liked by the students.


At the end the tourism students thanked the Tea-master and tried to say “XieXie” in Chinese.

The tea culture and tea degustation fascinated all students, who want to let the Chinese tea culture be part of their life.