Chinese Culture Enters into Miami Dade College InterAmerican Campus—Highlights of “China Day—Experiencing 2010 Shanghai Expo”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College [Time]    2010-12-06 14:01:12 

November 18th, 2010—to promote Chinese language and improve students’ enthusiasm for Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College hosted a “China Day—Experiencing the 2010 Shanghai Expo” activity on the Interamerican Campus.

The activity consisted of two parts: lectures and performances, so as to help the students get an intuitive understanding of Chinese language and culture. In order to create a Chinese atmosphere, the activity venue was carefully decorated: pictures about Chinese folk customs pasted on the windows and wall of the lecture hall and red lanterns hanging in the outdoor square with Chinese knots scattered here and there.

The lecture hall enjoyed a full house. The institute’s American Director Dr. Yu Xuejun first gave an introduction to the institute’s mission and responsibilities as well as the services offered. Afterward, a Chinese teacher called Zhang Jing demonstrated Chinese teaching through simulating real instructional conditions to dismiss students’ misgivings that “Chinese language is difficult to learn”. Chinese Director Dr. Zhang Wenghui gave a brief exposition on China’s current conditions and the just concluded Shanghai Expo. All these efforts increased the students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese and going to China.

American Director Dr. Yu Xuejun delivering a speech

The outdoor performance was also excellent and attracted a large number of teachers and students, who were thrilled by the daring show from Chinese acrobats as well as Sichuan opera “face changing”. Members from the local Chinese association also made careful preparations for the event and presented the audience with the Chinese folk dances “Beautiful Girls in Peking Opera” and “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”. Before each dance, they introduced related cultural knowledge to help the students have a clearer understanding of the dance and Chinese culture. A Chinese teacher called Yang Wensheng who dressed in a Mongolian costume staged the song “Mongolian”, bringing the audience closer to the beauty of the vast Mongolian grassland. Local Chinese kung fu enthusiasts were also attracted to the event. They demonstrated tai chi chuan and explained the Chinese philosophic thoughts involved in simple language. A Chinese traditional costume show by American students was a high point of the activity. The audience stood to applaud the performance and took photos with the models after the show.

Acrobats riding a bicycle

Chinese traditional costume show

After the performance, the students savored Chinese food such as spring rolls and fried rice. A local China fan Xie Jiesheng came to show his tea sets and the tea he had brought back from China and introduced Chinese tea culture. The institute’s teachers also demonstrated Chinese calligraphy which attracted a large number of students.

Group photo of the performers See More

The activity caused quite a stir on the InterAmerican campus, after which, the presidents of the InterAmerican campus sent congratulatory letters to the Confucius Institute and the Office of International Education at the main campus to express congratulations on the great success of the event and praised that the well organized activity that featured excellent programs and was of far-reaching significance. Quite a few of the students expressed their desire to learn the Chinese language and get to know more about China. 

Contributed by Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College