Certificate exhibition of Belgrade Confucius institute calligraphy class

[Source]    Belgrade Confucius institute [Time]    2010-12-06 10:36:45 

1st,December, 19:00, at the library of capital of Serbia- Belgrade .Confucius institute held the calligraphy class graduation ceremony and student exhibition.the Presidents of Confucius college Puxiqi and ChenYudong, director of the office Mrs Jin ,Mr Li and all students of calligraphy class and numerous calligraphy fans attended graduation ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr Li is highly evaluated students’ attitude seriously and perseverance, also thanks for the vigorously support for calligraphy class from Confucius institute, they provided very good conditions of learning Mr Li stressed that it is impotant to learn the method ,so we should learn to persevere. Puxiqi said, "a journey starts with the first step," Chinese calligraphy is extensive and profound, there are still much to learn, he encourage students to continue practice completion, try to make greater progress. Next, ChenYuDong read the the list of winners and awarded to student.there are 27 students in Calligraphy class among them ,Yalanka and other six students respectively won 123 etc. Prize, other students won prizes. Confucius institute had prepared ink, brushes and Confucius college journals, Chinese dictionary, and software as prizes. After the ceremony, people visited the students work and took photos with Mr Li as souvenir.

According to information, Mr li have studied calligraphy for many years, and has a profound attainments, regular script, running script, dabbling cursive style, the and so on .this time to Belgrade Confucius institute conducted a three-month calligraphy class teaching and culture promotion activities. Mr Li’s lessons are actively .students open full at every class , many of other students come to audited The students are interested in extremely, after less than two months study, they have mastered the basic writing skills. the exhibition continuous three days it shows every student’s assignments, shows calligraphy had achieved astonishing achievements, the students not only brush calligraphy written nicely, also produced more keen interest on Chinese culture.

(author: volunteer of Belgrade Confucius institute HaoWei)