Volunteer Teachers of Minority Foreign Languages Attend National Presentations at Czech Technical University

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Chinese International School of Prague [Time]    2010-12-02 13:18:46 

Prague, November 24th—the National Presentations hosted by Czech Technical University attracts a large number of students from various countries every year. This year’s features the theme “Together We Conquer the World”, and exhibitors from China, Poland, India, Estonia, Slovakia and Bulgaria. Volunteer teachers of minority languages at the Confucius Classroom at Chinese International School of Prague brought Chinese culture to the activity, aiming to help more foreign young people learn about Chinese culture and China, so as to set up a bridge for cultural exchange and friendship with China.

Overseas students writing their Chinese names under the guidance of volunteer teachers

Ma Li and Tao Wei

One of the most popular activities was that of writing down Chinese names with brushes. The overseas students explained that choosing a Chinese name and then writing it in brush strokes, was a special and charming experience.

As the saying goes, “It's more important to teach children skills than grant them a thousand pieces of gold; whereas it's even more important to bestow good names upon children than teach them skills.”Chinese people attach great significance to name meanings and in traditional Chinese culture, names are rich in cultural connotations and reflect Chinese people’s aspirations for a better life. Tao Da (good future), Tao Wei (the only one), Ma Li (beauty), An He (peace), Li Qi (wonderful)…With the help of the volunteer teachers, the overseas students also chose their favorite names, conveying their yearning for a better life in Chinese characters.

Being together forever; peace all year round

Chinese people are fond of good blessings: peace all year round, good luck and happiness, treasures fill the home, being together forever. People like to say blessings to themselves and also like to send good wishes to others. The volunteers brought good wishes from China to Czech students as well as students from other countries. They also wrote down blessings for themselves and for China.

From choosing Chinese names to writing down blessings, the overseas students all desired to try their hands at the activities. Chinese culture brought together the young people and their enthusiasm warmed up the cold, end of year atmosphere.

Because Chinese New Year is approaching, the volunteers also prepared traditional Chinese food for participants – dumplings. A Cabbage filling symbolizes a hundred types of wealth, Chinese chive fillings symbolize the ages. The overseas students had a real taste of both traditional Chinese food and culture.By Cai Shuang