Confucius Classroom at Lampang Kanlayanee School, Thailand Hosts Activities in Celebration of the 35th Anniversary for the Establishment of Sino-Thai Relations

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Lampang Kanlayanee School [Time]    2010-11-26 17:34:05 

On November 19th and the 20th of 2010, the Confucius Classroom at Lampang Kanlayanee School hosted activities in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Thai relations. The theme of the series of events was ' expressing Sino-Thai Friendship, showcasing the outlook of the Confucius Classroom’

More than 3,000 people, including Mr. Sanek Koodok, Deputy Secretariat of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, Thailand, Mrs.Wusannee, Project Director, Zhou Qingbao, Director of the Confucius Institute at the Hanban Representative Office in Thailand and guests from more than 90 international model schools in northern Thailand, were in attendance at the event.

The event was comprised of a picture exhibition in celebration of the 35th anniversary for the establishment of Sino-Thai relations, a Chinese language teaching resources and Chinese culture experience exhibition, and a Chinese language themed speech contest.

At 10 a.m., the event commenced with a traditional Chinese lion dance performances.

At the photography exhibition section, the precious, historical pictures became exceptionally outstanding set to a backdrop of bright red lanterns. Third-year high school students studying Chinese guided the guests during a visit using both Chinese and Thai languages. During the visit, they reviewed Sino-Thai cooperation activities in various fields, including politics, economy, culture and education, over the past 35 years.

At the Chinese language teaching resources exhibition section, exhibits, including textbooks with high-tech multimedia course-ware and Chinese culture teaching CDs, became highlights. In addition, people vied for a chance to use the Hanban touch screen, and demonstrators introduced ways uses of Great Wall Chinese--a multimedia Chinese language textbook in detail.

At the other end, in the culture experience section, students studying Chinese language guided visitors in experiencing Chinese culture: using the ‘Four Treasures of Study’ of ancient times, they wrote simplistic but sincere calligraphy; fragrant Oolong tea was poured out of exquisite tea sets; students magically weaved fine red strings into Chinese knots. The entire event, from its picture exhibition and Chinese language teaching resources section to its Chinese culture experience section, was met by a continuous stream compliments from teachers of various schools , who were greatly attracted to the activities .

President of Lampang Kanlayanee School stated that, language acts as a bridge for communication, whist culture serves as a tie for understanding. The activity was in celebration of the 35th anniversary for the establishment of Sino-Thai relations and provided a platform for students to showcase their achievements in the study of Chinese language; it also deepened their understanding of the strong friendship between China and Thailand.